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Ryu and Chun-Li in Fortnite!? Street Fighter collaboration is in progress!


Epic Games' popular battle royale game, " Fortnite," has been gaining popularity among a wide range of players.
Fortnite" has been gaining popularity among a wide range of players by introducing architectural elements and unique equipment in addition to the traditional battle royale rules.
In "Zero Point," Fortnite's Chapter 2 Season 5, a collaboration with "Street Fighter" is underway!

「Nintendo Switch : フォートナイトSpecialセット」発売決定!Apple勢はそろそろ検討を!

Shoryuken in Fortnite!

This time, "Fortnite" is collaborating with "Street Fighter," a world-famous fighting game published by Capcom Co.
In addition to the main character " Ryu ", " Chun-Li ", who has been very popular since her first appearance in "Street Fighter II", will appear in the game.
And as an added bonus, Edmond Honda will also make an appearance!


I'm going to meet someone stronger than me!

Ryu is the main character of the "Street Fighter" series with his impressive hachimaki and white street clothes.
Two versions of Ryu will be available: the familiar "street clothes" style and a "battle" version without the street clothes!
The costume comes with a "Training Bag" accessory and a built-in "Shoryuken! The costumes come with a back accessory "training bag" and a built-in emote "Shoryuken!
The built-in emote means that you can' t use the other skins to hit Sh oryuken, which is a little disappointing.


I'll show you my Kung Fu!

Chun-Li, who first appeared in Street Fighter II, was a female character, which was rare at the time, so she was in the spotlight.
Two skins are available: a Kun Fu style skin that is faithful to the original, and a "nostalgic" version with an exposed dumpling.
The costume comes with a "Super Cab Masher" back accessory and a built-in "Hundred Split Legs! The costumes include the "Super Cab Masher" back accessory and the built-in emote "Hyakusai Jump!

Ryu & Chun-Li bundle and Ryu & Chun-Li equipment!

Ryu & Chun-Li bundle with loading screen!

In addition to Ryu and Chun-Li being sold individually, the "Ryu & Chun-Li Bundle" and "Ryu & Chun-Li Equipment" will also be available!
The "Ryu & Chun-Li Bundle" includes the "Ryu" and "Chun-Li" skins and the "PLAYER SELECT!
The "Ryu & Chun-Li Equipment" also includes the "Seven Star Flashing Flail" and the "Sign Post Pamela", as well as the "Sumo Torpedo" Edmond Honda as a glider!

The Fortography theme has also been unveiled!

The next theme of "Fortgraphy", a project to share images taken in the game "Fortnite", will be " 1 vs. 1 "!
You can use "Ryu" and "Chun-Li" or come up with other unique ideas.
Share your ideas on Twitter using the hashtag " #Fortography " and the best entries will be featured on the official Fortnite website!

Looking forward to other Japanese collaborations?

Fortnite" has collaborated with Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and many other famous Japanese works.
In fact, "Street Fighter" is the first collaboration with a Japanese game.
We hope that this will be the first collaboration with Capcom and other Japanese games!
For more information on the "Street Fighter" collaboration, please visit the "Fortnite" collaboration page.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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