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"Fortnite" × "Street Fighter" collaboration 2nd will be held from Sunday, August 8! Gail & Cammy appeared!

「フォートナイト」×「ストリートファイター」コラボ第二弾 8月8日(日)より開催!ガイル&キャミィが登場!

Fortnite " is a popular battle royale game marketed and distributed by Epic Games.
In addition to the traditional battle royale rules, the game offers a wider range of strategies with the introduction of architectural elements and unique equipment, and has gained the support of many users, from children to adults.
Online tournaments are held in various regions, with parents and children forming duos to battle, demonstrating the popularity of the game!

Fortnite" is currently in the midst of Chapter 2 Season 7 "Invasion," and the second collaboration with the popular fighting game " Street Fighter " is now underway!

親子デュオで参加する「第2回コミュファカップ中部5県親子最強決定戦FEATURING FORTNITE」開催決定

Cammy and Guile from Street Fighter will appear in Fortnite!

Cammy & Guile Coming to Fortnite!
フォートナイト ニュース | Epic Games

Epic Games announced today that the second collaboration with Capcom's hit fighting game series "Street Fighter " will begin on Sunday, August 8 at 9 a.m. Japan time.
Following the first collaboration with Ryu and Chun-Li, long-time fan favorites Cammy and Guile will appear in the Item Shop!


Fortnite Street Fighter Guile Items
フォートナイト ニュース | Epic Games

Let's get started.

Guile, the U.S. Air Force Major who first appeared in Street Fighter II.
With his signature hair style, Guile arrives at the Battle Bus from the Air Force base and descends into the world of Fortnite!
Two costumes are available: " Guile " in his usual camouflage pants and green tank top, and " Grinning Guile " in his beach-appropriate half pants. The "K.O." back accessory has also been added!


Fortnite Street Fighter Cammy Items
フォートナイト ニュース | Epic Games

I fight for what I must protect!

Cammy, a girl who belongs to the British special forces unit "Delta Red," also making her first appearance in Street Fighter II.
She comes from the Air Force base to the battle bus with her familiar and characteristic hair style, and then she lands in the world of Fortnite!
Like Guile, " Cammy " wears the familiar red beret and a sharp green high-neck leotard in one of two costumes. The other is the stylish " Tactical Cammy," perfect for assassination missions. The back accessory is "Borealis Backer" from Cammy's Street Fighter stage!

Fortnite Street Fighter loading screen "ROUND 2
フォートナイト ニュース | Epic Games

The "Cammy & Guile Bundle" visual item set includes costumes and back accessories for both characters, Guile's "Knuckle Buster " pickaxe, Cammy's " Delta Red Hunting Knife " pickaxe, and the original V-Trigger Vector," a glider inspired by Guile's stage. As a bonus, you also get the "ROUND 2" loading screen!
As a Street Fighter fan, you'll want to get the whole set!

High expectations for the third collaboration?

Due to the popularity of the first "Street Fighter" collaboration, the second "Street Fighter" collaboration was held.
There are still many characters that are popular both in Japan and abroad, so we can expect a third collaboration to follow!

For more information on the collaboration, please visit the official Fortnite blog!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

32193「フォートナイト」×「ストリートファイター」コラボ第二弾 8月8日(日)より開催!ガイル&キャミィが登場!
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Ryu and Chun-Li in Fortnite!? Street Fighter collaboration is in progress!
Ryu and Chun-Li in Fortnite!? Street Fighter collaboration is in progress!...

It's collaborated on with "Street Fighter" in zero "points" bruised in chapter 2 season 5 of a very popular battle royal game of Epic Games

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