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Newly established Apex Legends Mobile division at FOR7! Liar, Sio, and RoLls become players!

プロeスポーツチーム「FOR7」にApex Legends Mobile部門が新設!Liar選手、Sio選手、RoLls選手が世界を目指す!

Apex Legends Mobile " was just released on Wednesday, May 18, 2022, and a professional team was launched on the same day!
The newly established Apex Legends Mobile division is the professional e-sports team " FOR7 " operated by CS entertainment Co.
Three members were announced as initial members, two from the FOR7 CoD Mobile Division and one from CS entertainment's streamers!

プロeスポーツチーム「FOR7」に新しくApex Legends部門が発足!

Apex Legends Mobile Division Members


  • Liar (@x_Liar7) [Former CoD Mobile Division
  • Sio (@_s10AN) [Former CoD Mobile Division
  • RoLls ( @MayoiLl) [Former streamer for CS entertainment].

Liar and Sio are former CoD Mobile Division streamers with many competitions under their belts.
RoLls, a CS entertainment streamer who mainly played KNIVES OUT and VALORANT, has now joined the Apex Legends Mobile Division as a professional player.

Liar has already shown his enthusiasm on his Twitter page, promising to be the " best in Japan," and expectations are high!
We look forward to seeing his skillful control techniques and wealth of knowledge and experience in the competition!


  • Coach and Analyst: Key (@Clexx_ ) [Former streamer for CS entertainment
  • Manager: Chaka (@chakkawomen) [Former CoD Mobile Division Manager

Key will be the Coach and Analyst, and Chaka will be the Manager!
Follow each member to support FOR7!

Comment from Kazuki Tamai, Team Owner

Kazuki Tamai

We are pleased to announce the establishment of the FOR7 Apex Legends Mobile Division.
Liar" and "Sio" from CoD Mobile division, "Chaka" as manager, and
RoLls] from our streamer division, and
And former KNIVES OUT player "Key" will be our coach and analyst.
Our Apex Legends division has participated in the world championships, and since it is the same title, we are aiming for the world championships in the Apex Mobile division as well. Our players are also preparing for this.
The mobile market is growing very fast in Japan, and we are looking forward to the future.
We will definitely be a top team, so we would like to ask for everyone's support.


The PC version of FOR7's Apex Legends division just finished 19th in the world at the recent "Apex Legends Global Series: Split 2 Playoffs".
Let's hope that the Apex Legends Mobile division can continue this momentum in the competition!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

32468プロeスポーツチーム「FOR7」にApex Legends Mobile部門が新設!Liar選手、Sio選手、RoLls選手が世界を目指す!
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