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"Flame Fire Brigade" will be a completely new game! In the game PV Mrs. You can listen to the new song "Endlessly" written by GREEN APPLE!

「炎炎ノ消防隊」完全新作ゲーム化決定!ゲームPVではMrs. GREEN APPLE書き下ろしの新曲「延々」が聞ける!

After seven years of serialization in Weekly Shonen Magazine, the popular manga "Flame Fire-Fighting Squad " released its final volume, volume 34, on May 17, 2022 (Tuesday).
The total number of copies sold worldwide has exceeded 20 million, and the TV anime "Flame Firefighters" is currently one of the most popular works on the market, with the production of its third season (chapter 3) already underway.
A completely new original game adaptation of the "Flame Fire Brigade" has been decided!
In the newly released PV of the game adaptation, you can listen to the new song " Ennen " written by Mrs. GREEN APPLE!

Completely original game "Flame Fire Brigade: Flame Dance Chapter"!

A completely original game based on the TV anime "Flame Fire Brigade", "Flame Fire Brigade: Flame Dance Chapter ", will be produced by mobcast games inc. and extra mile inc.
Mobcast Games Co., Ltd. is known for its "Kingdom Ran: The Road to Unification" based on "Kingdom" and "Reincarnate and You're a Slime" based on "Reincarnate and You're a Slime: The Genesis of the Demon Kingdom" and "Quot;" and other anime works. quot;and other anime game adaptations.

Game theme song "Ennen

Game theme song "Ennen

Speaking of the TV anime "Flame Fire Brigade," the opening theme song " Inferno " by Mrs. GREEN APPLE became an explosive hit on YouTube with 180 million views (as of May 2022).
Inferno," which is a perfect match between the song and the lyrics, has been well received by fans around the world, and was used as the ending theme for the second and final season of the anime.

Mrs. GREEN APPLE has written a new song for the game's theme song, "Ennen," which can be heard in the game's music video!
It's a must-listen not only for fans of the "Flame Fire Brigade" but also for Mrs. GREEN APPLE fans!

Expect more developments in the future!

環 古達
Kohdatsu Kohmoto

The final volume of the book has been released, the third season of the TV anime "Flame Fire Brigade" has been decided, and a new game has been developed.
It was also announced that from May 23 (Mon.) to 29 (Sun.) of the same month, "Flame Firefighting Team" will be fully advertising on the digital signage of Shinjuku Wall 456, the east-west free passageway at Shinjuku Station.
Keep your eyes on the "Flame Firefighting Team" as they continue to burn!

For the latest information on the new game "Flame Fire Brigade: Flame Dance Chapter", check out the official teaser site and the official Twitter account (@fireforce_game )!


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