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The latest information on the latest numbering title "FINAL FANTASY XVI" is finally released! New footage, new characters, release date also announced!

最新ナンバリングタイトル「FINAL FANTASY XVI」の最新情報が遂に公開!新映像に新キャラクター、発売時期も発表!

Square Enix's "FINAL FANTASY" series is one of the most popular RPG series in the world.
The 35th anniversary of the series will be celebrated in December 2022, and a special 35th anniversary page has been opened. The excitement is accelerating not only for the game titles, but also for commemorative goods and events. Some of the collaborative UT designs were sold out immediately and are being re-released.
Now that this is all happening, I'm sure you are suddenly wondering about the latest numbered title in the series, " FINAL F ANTASY XVI ( FINAL FANTASY 16).
After the official announcement at the PlayStation 5 Showcase in September 2020 and the official teaser site in October 2020, there has been no major information for more than a year and a half.

PS5ショウケースで「FINAL FANTASY XVI」発表!お馴染のモンスターや召喚獣も!FF14のプロデューサー兼ディレクターの吉田直樹氏がプロデューサー!

Since the platform is PS5, we had hoped that something would happen in conjunction with the PlayStation-related announcement, but finally, finally, the latest video that the whole world has been waiting for was released at the " State of Play | 6.3.2022 " distributed on June 3, 2022 (Friday)! The latest video has been released!

PS5「FINAL FANTASY XVI」公式ティザーサイト公開!世界観や一部キャラクターの情報が公開!

The latest video is released! And release date announced!

At the end of "State of Play | 6.3.2022", where many announcements were made, the latest video of "FINAL FANTASY XVI", " DOMINANCE ", was released!
The video begins with a story about a " dominant " who can summon " summonedbeasts " to his or her body, but who, by exercising this power, becomes a "summoned beast" that is not a human being.
The video shows a fantasy worldview reminiscent of medieval Europe, as well as stylish battle action.
The authentic and speedy battles of recent works in the series seem to have been further refined.

The second half of the video is also noteworthy.
The scene changes dramatically when the new character " Hugo " says, "It's a summoner's war.
Just as he says, a "summoner battle" like the Great Monster War unfolds! This is what every boy loves!
The giant "Phoenix," "Titan," "Garuda," "Ramu," "Shiva," "Odin," and "Bahamut," as well as "quot;Iffurt," "Titan," "Shiva," and "Bahamut," are all summoned. The video also shows a stamina gauge, and some of the attacks are shown.
In the video, there is also a stamina gauge and an attack indicator...so we can assume that we can control this monster war! It's intense!

At this point, there is still not much information, but at the end of the video, "SUMMER 2023" is displayed and the release date is announced as Summer 2023!
Since the first announcement was made in September 2020, this means that the game will be released approximately three years after the announcement, which is quite early for a numbered title, don't you think?
Now that the release date has been decided, we can expect more information to be released, so let's wait for more news!

The teaser site has been updated! New comments!

The "FINAL FANTASY XVI" teaser site has been updated to coincide with the release of the latest video "DOMINANCE"!
First of all, the message from Naoki Yoshida, producer, and Hiroshi Takai, director, has been updated.

Message from Naoki Yoshida, Producer

 Hello everyone, this is Yoshida, producer of Final Fantasy XVI!
It's been quite a while since we first reported on the project, but we are finally able to release the second trailer, "DOMINANCE". Thanks to the development team for their hard work to master the game!

 We have not touched much on the game system so far, but I think we now have a glimpse of the gameplay, albeit only a little. Many action scenes are playable, including the main character Clive's full-fledged battle action, the abundance of its techniques that seem to be the summoner's abilities, and, most importantly, the clashes between the super-sized summons.

 Using the capabilities of the PlayStation®5, we hope to deliver a roller coaster-like experience that seamlessly links the story, battles, and clashes between giant summoned beasts. The development team, led by director Takai, is in the process of polishing the game for mastery. We hope you can look forward to the release of the game in the near future!


Message from Director Hiroshi Takai

 This is Mr. Takai, Director of Final Fantasy XVI.
I apologize for the long wait for information.
Finally, we are able to release new information!

 As for the current development status, we have reached the point where the game can be played from start to finish.
 In this trailer, you can see the appearance of new summons and a glimpse of the highly flexible action gameplay. Of course, there are still many things that need to be optimized and brushed up, so the entire staff is working at full speed.

 We will do our best to release more information without making you wait too long, so please look forward to it!


Mr. Yoshida's description of the game as a "roller coaster-like experience" makes me want to play it as soon as possible, and Mr. Takai's comment, "The current development status of the game is that we've reached the point where we can play it from start to finish. Mr. Takai's comment, "The current state of development is that we have reached the point where the game can be played from start to finish.
I was surprised to hear that much progress has already been made in the development of the game.
The character page has also been updated with the addition of " Hugo Kupka," the dominant summoner of Titan, and "Benedicta Herman," the dominant summoner of Garuda, both of which appeared in the latest "DOMINANCE" video. The "Dominant" is a new name.

Hugo Kupka and Benedicta Herman

Since they are two of the "Dominants", they must be key players in the story. Let's check out who they are!
Also, screenshots of the game have been released, so be sure to check out the "FINAL FANTASY XVI" teaser site for more information!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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