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Digital Crafter's latest game, Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior, is finally released! Don't miss out on the chance to get 10% off for a week only!

Digital Crafter最新作「Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior」が遂に発売!1週間限定10%オフのチャンスを見逃すな!

Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior " is the latest title in the "Fight of" series from Taiwanese developer Digital Crafter.
This new title from Digital Crafter, the developer behind the popular "Fight of Gods" and "Fight of Animals," has been the focus of worldwide attention since its announcement.
A closed beta test was conducted from April to May 2022, and an open beta test was conducted in June 2022, both of which were very well received. The open beta test was extended.
More than a year after its announcement, a release date was recently set, and now "Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior " is finally available on Steam!

あのDigital Crafter最新作「Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior」の発売日が遂に決定!

Fight to be the best in a futuristic robot world!

Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior" is a fighting game set in a futuristic robot world.
The robots called " Steel " have advanced artificial intelligence and are divided into three factions: Protectors, Gears, and Scavs.
While it is common in fighting games for each character to have a different appearance and fighting style, "Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior" is different.
Players can create their own "Steel" by combining parts and skill chips obtained in the game!
This means that players can enjoy fighting with a mix of characters that reflect their individuality more than in existing fighting games.
In the game's store, you can purchase martial arts memory chips that allow you to learn parts, colors, and techniques.


You can preview and edit the techniques you have acquired before you set them up, so you don't have to do it all on the spot.


The " one-button activation " feature, which was popular in "Fight of Animals" and can be enjoyed even by those who are not good at fighting games, has been evolved while being inherited.
The combination of the directional keys and skill buttons makes it easy to activate set moves, so anyone can enjoy an exhilarating fighting game experience.
With the addition of the "EX" and "Overdrive" systems, advanced fighters can also enjoy a deeper level of play, making this a title that can be enjoyed by a wide range of players.

Button layout

In addition to the competitive mode, there are two other game modes: "Story" and "Challenge".
The story mode consists of 9 chapters, in which the main characters, " Zero " and " Artemis," advance deep into the "Giles' camp," confront unknown worlds and enemies, and search for the mysterious "legacy of mankind. The story unfolds as the players search for the mysterious "Legacy of Humanity.
Different end ings await you depending on your victory conditions, so play the game over and over again to complete all the endings!

Story Mode
Story Mode

Challenge Mode is a mode that challenges players to obtain various parts along the way, check the level information, and combine the corresponding parts to gain an advantage in their attributes.
In addition to unlocking exclusive skins and colors for different difficulty levels, players can also collect " World Files," which contain information about the various worlds and anecdotes of "Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior.
This mode can be described as an element of challenge.

Challenge Mode

In addition to the "Fight of Gods" and "Fight of Animals" collaboration skins shown in the trailer, free DLC is currently being created and will be updated in the near future.
To take advantage of the DLC as soon as it becomes available, you will need to be somewhat advanced in the game, so start playing "Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior" right away!

10% off for the first week after launch!

"Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior" will be available on Steam on Friday, July 15, 2022.
The regular retail price is 1,500 yen (tax included), but for one week only, you can purchase the game for 10% off at 1,350 yen (tax included)until Friday, July 22, 2022!
Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior" has a wide range of customization elements, as well as a story mode, and is very challenging and rewarding.
With the holidays just around the corner in Japan and summer vacation approaching for students, this is a great chance to get your hands on the game and get playing!
Get it now and be the first to jump into the world of "Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior"!
For more information and to purchase, please visit the "Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior" page on Steam!


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