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The movement changes with the memory chip! "Crafter Talks EP 04" released in "Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior"!

メモリーチップで動きが変わる!「Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior」の「Crafter Talks EP 04」公開!

Taiwanese developer Digital Crafter brings to the world the latest title in the "Fight of" series, " Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior ".
When the game was announced, the development schedule was already longer than expected, so I was prepared for a long wait for the release, but the "Crafter Talks," in which the latest information is announced from time to time, make the waiting time less painful.
However, the monthly progress report "Crafter Talks" has not been updated in September since the release of "EP 03" in August, and fans have been worried, but don't worry.
There was a one-month gap, but "Crafter Talks Ep 04" was released in October 2021!

「Crafter Talks EP 03」が公開!「Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior」の実機プレイ映像が初公開!

Martial Arts Memory Chips!

In "Crafter Talks EP 04", one of the most important features of "Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior" was explained: the " Martial Arts Memory Chip ".
As previously explained, STEELs can customize not only their appearance but also their special moves by replacing the "Martial Arts Memory Chip" that contains their martial arts.

Martial Arts Memory Chip
【Crafter Talks Ep 04】《Fight of Steel》スキル特性02_武術メモリーチップ

The "Pole Current Fighting Technique" used by the main character "Zero", which was shown in the previous "EP 03", is also stored in the "Martial Arts Memory Chip".
There are various types of "Martial Arts Memory Chips" in the game, which can be found, unlocked, and combined to create your own unique fighting style.
The three factions released in EP 02, "Protectors," "Gears," and "Scavs," also seem to have a variety of "martial arts memory chips" for each faction, so you will be able to find and unlock them and combine them to create your own unique fighting style. Will the chips that can be obtained change depending on how the story progresses? Let's wait for further information.
The chips obtained can be customized by installing the chips necessary for the battle before the battle.

武術メモリーチップ インストール
Martial Arts Memory Chip Installation
【Crafter Talks Ep 04】《Fight of Steel》スキル特性02_武術メモリーチップ

Change the skill chips to suit your opponents to gain an advantage and take on the battle!
At the end of the video, the main character "Zero"'s "Martial Arts Memory Chip" is replaced and his combo is shown.
You will be surprised to see how different the same character can be by changing the "Martial Arts Memory Chip"! We can expect a new gaming experience!
The "Crafter Talks" are basically held once a rush, so the next one will probably be in November!
Subscribe to Digital Crafter's official YouTube channel, add " Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior " to your wish list on Steam, and wait for the next one!


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