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"Crafter Talks EP 03" is released! "Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior" video of the actual machine play is released for the first time!

「Crafter Talks EP 03」が公開!「Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior」の実機プレイ映像が初公開!

Digital Crafter, a Taiwanese developer that has released many classic games such as "Fight of Gods," "Fight of Animals," and "Fight of Animals: Arena.
The long-awaited latest title, " Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior ", will be announced in May 2021, and Crafter Talks will be held once a month to provide the latest information.
In the last "Crafter Talks EP 02", the three factions "Protectors", "Gears", and "Scavs" were introduced and the world of the game was revealed.
The next episode, "Crafter Talks EP 03," will reveal information about the fighting style and the " extreme current fighting technique " used by the main character " Zero," which has been the focus of much attention.
The first video of the game in action has been released!

「Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior」の情報をお届けする「Crafter Talks EP 02」公開!

The special technique of the "extreme current fighting technique" is also revealed!

Digital Crafter's Head Producer, KenWei, joined us again to introduce us to Zero, the main character of Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior.
Zero" is a Steel who wakes up in the ruins, but unlike other Steelers, he is a special being with human memories. In the concept art released today, the right half of his body is depicted as a human.

Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior コンセプトアート
Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior concept art

In the story mode, various mysteries are said to be solved, so will the mystery of Zero's existence be revealed as we progress? I'm looking forward to it!
And now, the long-awaited footage of the actual game will be released!
You can see the powerful motions of three special techniques from Zero's "Polar Current Fighting Technique," including the "Polar Electric Masutenken," the "Polar Electric Tessan Lean - Torrential Thunder," and the "Quick Thunder Twin Strikes.
You will be able to enjoy speedier and more powerful battles than in previous Digital Crafter titles!

Kyokuden Masutenken
Kyokuden Tessan-okage-Burashi
Xunlai Sougyaku (lightning strike)

In this title, players will be able to perform complex combos with simple controls, and even beginners will be able to perform skills more easily.
In addition to the same weak and strong attacks as the previous "Fight of Animals," there are plans to add combination skills other than special moves and a special " throwing special move" to the game, making it a fun fighting game!
We also have a video of "Zero" performing a combo, so be sure to check out Crafter Talks EP 03 to see for yourself!
We'll also talk a bit about customizing skill chips and character skins, which will be covered in detail in the next "Crafter Talks".
Subscribe to Digital Crafter's official YouTube channel, add " Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior " to your wish list on Steam, and wait for the next episode!


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