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"Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior" is now available for a free major update! A new character from that god game joins the battle!?

「Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior」で無料大型アップデートが実施!あの神ゲーから新キャラクターが参戦!?

Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior " (hereinafter referred to as "Fight of Steel"), the latest title from Taiwanese developer Digital Crafter, is now available on Steam.
Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior" is a unique fighting game that allows players to customize not only the appearance of their characters, but also their stance, basic movement " stances " and skills. This is a very unique fighting game that can be customized by "stances" and skill players.
In particular, many of the skins that change the appearance of the player are unique and are based on real people, such as pro-gamers Oil King(@LeevyLin), ET(@ET1120) and Yoro(@yoro1027 ). The collaboration has been realized.
Fight of Steel also offers a wide range of customization options, such as distributing head parts featuring animals from their hit title " Fight of Animals. But speaking of Digital Crafter, there was a title that was very much talked about, wasn't there?
The " God game " has just received a major free update with a new character!

「Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior」のオープンβテストが開催!台湾二大プロ格ゲーマーの「五股石油王」「ET」がゲームに登場!

A new character that looks just like "God"!

Fight of Steel will receive a free major update on Tuesday, September 20, 2022. New characters, special moves, new stances, and more!
The new characters in question are the " Metal Messiah " and the " Steel Ryo Ryo Rai "! New stances "Quantum Divine " and "Ancient Zen " have also been added for each of them.


The appearance and motion of these characters may remind you of the characters in Digital Crafter's 2017 "god game" " Fight of Gods," but these new characters are only "Metal Savior &" "Steel Savior &" and "Metal Savior &" "Steel Savior". The new character is "Metal Messiah" & quot; "Steele Nyorai". It's just a resemblance... just a resemblance...just a resemblance.
So, if you are in a country or region where "Fight of Gods" is not sold for some reason, Fight of Steel should be no problem! Please check with your local distributor!
With the addition of "Quantum Sacred Fist" and "Kamiko-Zenshu-ryu," there are now six stances to choose from, and when combined with the hundreds of skills and skins available, the customization possibilities are truly endless!
With the addition of the "Metal Messiah" and "Steel Nyorai," you can now customize your own Steel to make it the best it can be!

Sale until September 26th! OST Bundle is also available!

With this update, we know that many of you will be starting to play Fight of Steel.
For those of you who are interested in getting started, Steam is offering a great deal on Fight of Steel!
Fight of Steel is now 15% off at 1,275 yen (including tax ) instead of the regular price of 1,500 yen (including tax)!
The " Digital Crafter Fighting game Bundle ", which includes Fight of Steel and 4 other Digital Crafter titles, is also on sale for 23% off at 4,155 yen (including tax) instead of 5,419 yen (including tax)! The "Metal Messiah" and "The Metal Savior" are also on sale!
The bundle also includes "Fight of Gods," which features a character very similar to the "Metal Savior" and "Steel Roshi," so it's a great chance to play it as well.
Fight of Steel is also known for its very cool music.
For those who want to listen to the music of Fight of Steel anytime, anywhere, a bundle that includes the original soundtrack is now available!

Update & Bundle Release

The original soundtrack contains 12 gorgeous tracks, including battle stages, story sequences, lobbies, and other in-game music.
What's more, it's also on sale, normally priced at 2,020 yen (tax included), but now available for 24% off at 1,526 yen (tax included)!
For those who are interested in buying Fight of Steel and don't know the song in the game, a demo video of " Gears Factory " is now available to listen to, so check it out before you buy!

The sale on Steam will last until Monday, September 26, 2022, so if you are considering purchasing the game, hurry up!
To purchase Fight of Steel, and for more information on this update, check out Steam!


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