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New characters added to Fight of Animals! That long cat participates!

「Fight of Animals」に新キャラクター追加!あの長い猫が参戦!

Taiwanese developer Digital Crafter launched the fighting game " Fight of Animals " on December 19, 2019.
Of course, the editorial department of funglr Games has already purchased the game, with the cat lover in me using the "Bipedal Cat" and the dog lover in the editor-in-chief (tentative) using the "Power Fox Dog".
Thanks to the "Assist Mode," combos can be created with simple controls, making the game very enjoyable and easy to play.
A new animal has already been added to the "Fight of Animals" game! It's that long cat you've seen on the Internet!

The Long Cat

期待の格ゲー「Fight of Animals」発売日が遂に決定!新キャラクターとしてあのイルカも発表!

The new animal is a cat with a long torso!

The new animal is " Slender Cat "!
This legendary cat has become a topic of conversation on the Internet because of its long torso, and numerous collage images have been created.
Not only does it attack using its length and softness, but it also emits beams from its eyes!

Slender Cat

In the latest game of collecting monsters, a certain cat monster's larger form is also based on this cat or not....
Along with the PV, the "Slender Cat" also has a profile that, like the other animals, is not very informative.
It has a "harmless" rating of 5 and a "beam" rating of 3...

Slender Cat

A fierce battle of 7 animals

カリラ vs. スレンダーキャット
Kalila vs. Slender Cat

Slender Cat" has already been delivered and is ready to use!
This brings the total number of animals to seven, two of which are cats, which is great for the cat person in me.
Fight of Animals" is now available on PC (Ste am) for 620 yen. This is a very affordable price, so don't miss this opportunity!

For more details and additional information, please visit the official "Fight of Animals" Twitter andFacebook pages!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

21958「Fight of Animals」に新キャラクター追加!あの長い猫が参戦!
Fight of Animals
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The release date of the "Fight of Animals" game of expectation is finally decided! That dolphin is also announced as a new character!
The release date of the "Fight of Animals" game of expectation is finally decide...

Topical dog of an example, fox, cat, squirrel and crow appear with the confrontation type fight game "Fight of Animals" net Taiwanese developer Digita

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