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New costumes for animals are now available in Fight of Animals! We also carry out updates!

「Fight of Animals」で動物たちの新コスチュームが配信開始!アップデートも実施!

Fight of Animals ", a fighting game by Oretachi Digital Crafter, has been released for Nintendo Switch in North America and Europe.
Eggdog has been released for the Nintendo Switch version, and the whole world has already fallen in love with the cute and exciting fights between the animals.
While we are waiting for the Nintendo Switch version in Japan, new costumes for the animals are now available on the PC (Steam) version! And an update is on the way!

Nintendo Switch版「Fight of Animals」の北米・欧州での発売日が決定!

New costumes for all animals!

The costumes distributed this time are costumes that make each of the currently available animals even cuter.
Here are the costumes for each animal at a glance!

Master Outfit/Power Hook Dog

Master Clothing/Power Hook Dog

After practicing all day, Power Hook Dog enjoys a few drinks at the bar while wearing his martial arts outfit.


The price of this costume is 205 yen! To purchase, please visit the Steam "Master Outfit/Power Hookdog" page!

Meme Dancer Outfit/Kalira

Meme Dancer Clothing/Khalila

At last, the man of freedom is here!
His sexy dance moves will keep anyone's eyes on him!
The legendary meme dancer!


Price: 100 yen! Buy it from Steam "Meme Dancer Outfit/Kalira" page!

Agent Outfit: Mighty Fox

Agent Attire / Mighty Fox

Super secret agent F.O.X. who always completes his undercover activities perfectly and never fails once.


Single price: ¥205! Buy it from Steam "Agent Outfit/Mighty Fox" page!

Wizard/Magic Squirrel

Wizard/Magic Squirrel

As long as you're wearing this ultimate mystic's attire, full magic power DA!


Single item price: 205 yen! Buy it from the Steam "Wizard/Magic S quirrel" page!

Sushi Chef Outfit: Muscle Beluga

Sushi chef attire/muscle beluga

Muscle Beluga loves fish that can't be helped.
He was determined to become a sushi chef!


Single item price: ¥205! Buy it from the Steam "Sushi Craftsman Outfit/Muscle Beluga" page!

Fighter of the Century / Bad Dog

End of the Century Fighter/Bad Dog

Only pure power in this world!


Single item price: ¥205! Buy it from the Steam "End of the Century Fighter/Bad Dog" page!

Easter Egg / Egg Dog

Easter eggs/egg dogs

Here come the Easter eggs! This... egg... right? A dog? Neither! It's an egg-dog!


Only 100 yen! Buy it from Steam "Easter Egg/Eggdog" page!

Samurai/Walking Cat

Samurai/Walking Cat

No human being would have the guts to pick a fight with this cat.


Single price: ¥205! Buy it from the Steam "Samurai/Walking Cat" page!

Longman/Slender Cat

Longman/Slender Cat

Nagai nagai, me hiding in the sea of trees, kowai kowai, a child looking at my long body while crying. - Anecdotes of Slender Man


Only 205 yen! It's not even a cat anymore! Buy it from the Steam " Longman/Slender Cat" page!

Special Forces/Tricky Fox

Special Forces/Tricky Fox

We've already done the research. Now the mission begins!


Price: 205 yen! Buy it from the Steam "Special Forces/Tricky Fox" page!

All costume sets are also available!

All of the costumes are so cute, you'll want to get them all!
The " Fight of Animals 10 Costumes Bundle " includes all 10 costumes!

The price is 1,014 yen (45% off ) instead of 1,840 yen if you buy them individually! A super deal!
To purchase, please visit the "Fight of Animals 10 Costumes Bundle" page on Ste am!

And for those who haven't purchased Fight of Animals yet, you can get the full Fight of Animals game and the Fight of Animals 10 Costumes Bundle in one package! quot; Fight of Animals Game + 10 Cost umes Bundle" is also available.
The "Fight of Animals Game + 10 Costumes Bundle" is 1,900 yen, a 33% discount from the 2,840 yen price of the "Fight of Animals" and costumes separately.
Take advantage of this opportunity to join the fierce battle of the animals!
To purchase, please visit the "Fight of Animals Game + 10 Costumes Bundle" page on Ste am!

Update 1.0.5 is also available!

In addition to the new costumes, update 1.0. 5 has also been released.
The updated contents are as follows!

  • New in-game "Notification" window
  • Added French language
  • Fixed a situation in which Eggdog 4S hit decisions occur at the same time.
  • Eggdog 4S hitbox reduced
  • Eggdog 2S reduced movement distance, increased floating power, increased corner push power
  • Eggdog super special move, hitbox increased
  • Eggdog 6S Cancel frame -1, increased floating power, increased push power
  • Bad Dog 4S Increased float, dash-can timing 5 frames earlier, corner push power increased
  • Bad Dog 6S>S>S Increased move distance
  • Bad Dog 5H Hitbox made higher
  • Bad Dog Super Special Move, hitbox raised
  • Bad Dog 2H Increased travel distance, increased hitbox ground range, decreased push force
  • Power Hook Dog 5H increased movement distance
  • Power Hook Dog 2H Movement distance increased

Overall, there have been some adjustments to the dog characters.
The addition of French as a language will bring the "Fight of Animals" boom to France!

The editorial team of funglr Games also bought the game immediately!

As "Fight of Animals" fans, the funglr Games editorial staff immediately purchased the "Fight of Animals 10 Costumes Bundle," which includes all costumes!
We immediately played with it, and we are in love with it. The animals look so much more attractive in their new outfits.

This is a title that you should definitely play with your children, and now is the time to play it with your family when you spend a lot of time at home!
For more details on the update, please visit Steam, and for additional information, check out the official Fight of Animals Twitter andFacebook pages!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

21958「Fight of Animals」で動物たちの新コスチュームが配信開始!アップデートも実施!
Fight of Animals
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Round form is cute! Join the new character "Egg Dog" in "Fight of Animals"!
Round form is cute! Join the new character "Egg Dog" in "Fight of Animals&q...

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