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Fight of Animals official is conducting a goods questionnaire! Your opinion may be reflected!

Fight of Animals公式がグッズアンケート実施中!アナタの意見が反映されるかも!

Taiwanese developer Digital Crafter presents " Fight of Animals."
In addition to the PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch, and smartphone versions, a PS4 version has finally been released recently, making it possible for people in any environment to play the game.
The characters are really attractive, as you will see when you play the game. I would like to get some of the goods, but it is not easy to get them in Japan.
I was wondering if it would be possible to buy them in Japan, but the official Fight of Animals website is conducting a survey about the merchandise!

遂にあの人気格闘ゲーム「Fight of Animals」がPS StoreでPS4版が配信開始!

Your opinion may be reflected in the survey!

The survey is called " Fight of Animals Goods Survey T-Shirt " and consists of 11 questions.
The first question, "Have you ever played Fight of Animals? The only answer to the first question, "Have you ever played Fight of Animals?" is "HELL YES!!!! (Of course you have!). but from the second question onward, it is a proper survey.

Fight of Animalsグッズアンケート Tシャツ

The second and subsequent questions are more detailed and include not only the design of the T-shirt, but also the size of the T-shirt , payment methods, and other details that will be considered when the T-shirt is actually sold.
For more information and to fill out the survey, please visit the SurveyCake "Fight of Animals merchandise survey T-shirt" page!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

21958Fight of Animals公式がグッズアンケート実施中!アナタの意見が反映されるかも!
Fight of Animals
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