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Nintendo Switch version "Fight of Animals" will be released in North America and Europe!

Nintendo Switch版「Fight of Animals」の北米・欧州での発売日が決定!

The cute-looking "Eggdog" was recently added to the " Fight of Animals," a fighting game featuring adorable animals created by Taiwanese developer Digital Crafter.
The Nintendo Switch version of the game was scheduled for release at the end of March 2020, but due to various circumstances, it has been announced that it will be released on April 9, 2020, and a new trailer has been released!

「Fight of Animals」のボスキャラ2体が追加!Nintendo Switch版も開発決定!

Unfortunately, the Japanese version is still a ways off!

Fight of Animals for Nintendo Switch
Fight of Animals for Nintendo Switch
Fight of Animals 動物の激闘 ファットシール(Fat Seal) トレーラー

It will only be released in North America and Europe on April 9, 2020.
According to the official Twitter account, the Japanese version has not yet been reviewed, so it will take a while longer.
They are doing their best, so let's wait a little longer!
The North American and European versions are available for pre-download starting April 2, 2020!
If you pre-order between April 2 and April 8, you'll get 10% off, so if you're in the area, go for it!

Two new trailers released!

To coincide with the release of the Nintendo Switch version of the game, two new trailers have been released!

The trailer gives a good idea of what the "Fight of Animals" game is all about.
The trailer also explains network battles and Assist Mode, so that even those who are not good at fighting games can enjoy the game.
There is no "eggdog" in the video, but Digital Crafter is sure to add one soon!

New animals will join soon...
New animals will join soon...
Fight of Animals 動物の激闘 トレイラー(Nintendo Switch)

Another new animal to join the game, Fat Seal, has also been revealed in the trailer!

As the name suggests, it is a fat, round seal character.
We can't wait to see how he will move! Let's wait for more news!

We eagerly await the release of the Japanese version!

The fact that the Nintendo Switch version has been confirmed for release in North America and Europe probably means that it will not be released in Japan, even if it will take a little more time.
The Nintendo Switch version, with its cute animals and easy-to-play battles, will make your time at home even more enjoyable since you can play it with your little ones.
Until the Nintendo Switch version is released, enjoy the PC version!

"Fight of Animals" is now available on PC (Ste am) for only $1,000!

For more details and additional information, please visit the official Fight of Animals Twitter andFacebook pages!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

21958Nintendo Switch版「Fight of Animals」の北米・欧州での発売日が決定!
Fight of Animals
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Round form is cute! Join the new character "Egg Dog" in "Fight of Animals"!
Round form is cute! Join the new character "Egg Dog" in "Fight of Animals&q...

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