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Two boss characters of "Fight of Animals" have been added! Nintendo Switch version also decided to be developed!

「Fight of Animals」のボスキャラ2体が追加!Nintendo Switch版も開発決定!

Taiwanese developer Digital Crafter launched the adorable animals fighting game " Fight of Animals " on Steam on December 19, 2019.
The editorial team at funglr Games immediately purchased the game on its release date, and when the new character "Slender Cat" became available, we immediately updated our copy to play the game.
Slender Cat's movements are so cute that it makes us burst with maternal feelings, so if you are a cat person, you should play this game right away!
New information has just come in on the lovable "Fight of Animals" and it has been announced that two new boss character animals will be added to the game!

「Fight of Animals」に新キャラクター追加!あの長い猫が参戦!

Rust Boss #1: Tricky Fox

The first of the two new ruthless bosses is a vicious-looking fox named " Tricky Fox ".

He looks just like the playable character "Mighty Fox".
It attacks with a powerful attack that does not betray its expression.

Tricky Fox
Fight of Animals 動物の激闘 トリッキーフォックス トレーラー

Boss #2: "Bad Dog

The other last boss is Bad Dog, Scarface's dog.

It looks like the playable character "Power Fox Dog" was defeated by "Tricky Fox" and awakened.
Is this the kind of animal that awakens to the killing intent of a famous fighting game?

Bad Dog
Fight of Animals 動物の激闘 バッドドッグ(Bad Dog) トレーラー

Tricky Fox" and "Bad Dog" will appear in the last stage of Arcade Mode.
They will be unlocked as playable characters when you beat them and clear the Arcade Mode, so it may be a tough battle, but you should give it a try!
Boss characters will be available after the free update on February 20, 2020, so update now and start playing "Fight of Animals"!

Fight of Animals
Fight of Animals
Fight of Animals 動物の激闘 バッドドッグ(Bad Dog) トレーラー

Nintendo Switch version in development!

"Fight of Animals" is currently only available on Steam, so only PC gamers can play it.

I was hoping that kids would enjoy this cute game as much as I do, and now it has been announced that a Nintendo Switch version of the game is in development!
Digital Crafter's previous title "Fight of Gods" was also released on Nintendo Swtich, so I guess Nintendo Switch is easier to release than PS4 or Xbox.
Fight of Animals" for Nintendo Switch is scheduled to be released in late March 2020! Let's wait for more news!

The frenzy of the animals is heating up!

With the addition of the two boss characters, the "Fight of Animals" now has a total of eight different animals.
New characters are scheduled to be added in the future, so keep your eyes peeled for more! I, for one, would like to see the addition of a cat family boss character!

"Fight of Animals" is now available on PC (Ste am) for 620 yen!

For more details and additional information, please check the official "Fight of Animals" Twitter andFacebook!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

21958「Fight of Animals」のボスキャラ2体が追加!Nintendo Switch版も開発決定!
Fight of Animals
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The release date of the "Fight of Animals" game of expectation is finally decided! That dolphin is also announced as a new character!
The release date of the "Fight of Animals" game of expectation is finally decide...

Topical dog of an example, fox, cat, squirrel and crow appear with the confrontation type fight game "Fight of Animals" net Taiwanese developer Digita

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