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Christmas gifts from the official! "Fight of Animals: Arena" is an update and special campaign!

公式からクリスマスプレゼント!「Fight of Animals: Arena」がアップデート&スペシャルキャンペーン実施!

The latest title in Taiwanese developer Digital Crafter's "Fight of Animals" series, " Fight of Animals: Arena," was finally released on December 17, 2020.
The newly reborn animals are fighting each other all over the world, and we're sure that you've already joined in, right?
Of course we at funglr Games have. At first, I was playing the game as if I was playing "Fight of Animals", so I felt a little uncomfortable jumping with the buttons, but don't worry, you'll soon get used to it.
One week after "Fight of Animals: Arena" was released, December 24th was Christmas Eve!
The official "Fight of Animals" team has announced a Christmas present of updates and a special campaign!

今度は大乱闘!あの動物たちが暴れまわる「Fight of Animals: Arena」が遂に発売!

New skins for all characters!

Fight of Animals: Arena
Fight of Animals: Arena

As an official Christmas present, we have added free skins to all characters!
The frequent release of free updates like this is one of the charms of Digital Crafter, isn't it?
On top of that, limited festival items are now available in the game!
The Christmas and New Year's holidays are the perfect time to get together and play games, and "Fight of Animals: Arena," with its adorable animals, is sure to be fun for children too!
Let's have fun with the animals fighting each other!

Fight of Animals: Arena
Fight of Animals: Arena

Another free copy of the main game!

Fight of Animals' Christmas gift doesn't end with skins and exclusive items!
Fight of Animals is also offering a limited-time, limited-quantity campaign where you can get another copy of the full game!
To participate in the campaign, purchase "Fight of Animals: Arena" on Steam, write a review on the Steam page and send a screenshot to the Fight of Animals Twitter account ( @FightofAnimals). Send the screenshot to the Fight of Animals Twitter account (@FightofAnimals). That's all!
Complete these two simple steps and you will receive a Fight of Animals: Arena game key!
Give it to a friend to play online together, or if you are going home for the New Year's holidays, put it in your parents' PC and play with your family.
The campaign will only be open to the first 100 players, and could end very quickly, so hurry!

There will be some adjustments in the update!

In addition to the addition of skins and limited items, various adjustments, corrections, and changes are being made in the update.
Here are the details of the update!

  • Some items have been changed to festival appearance
  • Added skins for all characters
  • Aerial dash cancel for all characters added
  • Added jump cancel for JA for all characters (if they can still jump)
  • Basic combos (A > A > A) for all characters can be triggered in the air, and combo stability increased
  • Third stage attack of basic combos for all characters will cause a down
  • Decrease the pushing power of 5S of all characters
  • Removed 6S upward force for magic squirrels
  • Added a flat stage to the dojo
  • Fixed some bugs

The update has made it even easier to play with aerial dash cancels, jump cancels, and aerial activation of combos.
Stalish play is on the way, so check out the changes now!

"Fight of Animals: Arena" is now available on Steam! The price is 1,320 yen (tax included)
The " Digital Collector's Edition " that includes the original soundtrack is priced at 1,470 yen (tax included), a 15% discount compared to purchasing the game individually!

With more time to spend at home this year-end and New Year's, playing games is the best way to spend it!
The much-talked-about brawler "Fight of Animals: Arena" is sure to be a hit both online and offline!
Please check the Fight of Animals: Arena event page on Steam for updates!


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That dog with a new shoulder width is decided to participate in the latest work "Fight of Animals: Arena"!
That dog with a new shoulder width is decided to participate in the latest work "Figh...

Then the "Fight of Animals" series latest model of Taiwanese released developer Digital Crafter "Fight of Animals: Arena (FAITOOBUANIMARUZUARINA)

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