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New animals join "Fight of Animals: Arena"! A fluffy pair that looks like bipedal walking!

「Fight of Animals: Arena」に新動物が参戦!二足歩行に見えるふわふわのアイツ!

The latest title in the "Fight of Animals" series from Taiwanese developer Digital Crafter, " Fight of Animals: Arena," finally became available on December 17, 2020.
In addition to the animals in the "Fight of Animals" series, a new animal, the "Kung Fu Dachshund," joins the fray. This is a game of cha os, and many of you may have spent the year-end and New Year's holiday fighting with your family and friends.
I'm sure many of you have already checked the official Twitter page that suggested the addition of new animals at the end of 2020, less than a month after the game's release, right?
As we were all waiting to see when and what kind of animals would be added, "Fight of Animals: Arena" will be updated on January 22, 2021 (Friday)!
The fluffy one has joined the fray!

The bipedal sheep has joined the fray!

This time, a new "fluffy sheep " has joined the fierce battle of the animals!

This time, too, an animal that has become a hot topic on the Internet has entered the contest, an animal whose motif is a sheep that looks like it is walking on two legs, from a certain zoo in a certain prefecture!
The English name is "fluffy sheep," so you might expect the Japanese name to be "fluffy sheep," but please note that the official Japanese name is "fluffy sheep.

Fluffy Sheep

Wrapped in fluffy wool, these sheep look cute and harmless, but you can tell from their limbs and the back muscles visible when they attack that what is hidden beneath the wool is muscularity.
I wonder if the wool is removable....
The fluffy, adorable, powerful "Fluffy Sheep" is now available for free!
The "Fluffy Sheep" costume " Cyber Robot " is also included in this great update, so start up "Fight of Animals: Arena" right now!

Fluffy Sheep

Free Trial Available Now!

Fight of Animals: Arena" is now available on Steam! The price is 1,320 yen, which is a very reasonable price, so it's an immediate purchase, but some people want to see what the game is like, don't they?
For those who want to try it out, a free demo version is now available!
Only Power Hook Dog and Mighty Fox can be used , and some functions are limited, but it's a great way to experience what the game is like!
This is a great opportunity to throw yourself into a big battle of animals!
For more information, to download the demo version, or to purchase the game, please visit the " Fight of Animals: Arena " page on Steam!


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