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FGO new anime "Fate/Grand Carnival" Blu-ray & DVD released!

FGO新作アニメ「Fate/Grand Carnival」Blu-ray&DVD 発売!

The popular smartphone RPG " Fate/Grand Order
The latest chapter of the main story, "Cosmos in the Lostbelt," is scheduled to be released this month, and the anticipation and tension are mounting.
The "festive" animation that will blow away all that excitement finally went on sale today, June 2 (Wed.)!

Servants from "FGO" are celebrating!

"Fate/Grand Carnival"KV
Fate/Grand Carnival" key visual

Fate/Grand Carnival" is a slapstick gag animation featuring characters and servants from "FGO".
The characters' hilarious antics, which cannot be seen in the main game, unfold in this animation!
The limited edition of the OVA is a fan-favorite, and its contents are worthy of the once-in-a-decade "Carnival of Miracles" claim.

Blu-ray & DVD Product Information

Fate/Grand Carnival 1st Season
June 2, 2021 (Wednesday) release
Blu-ray: 6,800 yen + tax (ANZX-15541-15543)
DVD: 5,800 yen + tax (ANZB-15541-15543)
Running time: approx. 30 min.

Limited Edition extras

Jacket design by the character designers and chief animation director

1st Season描き下ろしデジジャケット
1st Season Digi Jacket newly drawn

Memorial Book "Endless Carnival

Memorial Book"Endless Carnival"
Memorial Book "Endless Carnival
Fate/Grand Carnival

Manga and illustrations newly drawn by a total of 23 artists!
A 128-page book commemorating the release of "Gracani"!
(Contributing artists) *Alphabetical order
Higashi Fuyu / Makoto Ikezawa / Raito Rabbit / Aoi Omori / Takeshi Kawaguchi / Experience / Shiramine / Majiro Shin / TAa / Eri Takenashi / Takenoko Seijin / Tsuchida / Yu Tsuruzaki / TENGEN / Makoto Tokoma / Nakaya / Ken Goro Nishide / Tomoya Haruno / Ryoji Hirano / Eiichiro Mashin / Shizuki Morii / Royo / Watarei

OP video on YouTube!

\Wooooooooo! Yay! Yeah!

Servants appearing in "FGO" dance and make noise to the nostalgic melody that makes you want to hum along!
It's a performance that TYPE-MOON fans of all ages will not be able to get enough of!

Theme Song Information

Super☆Ahkkeshon" (opening theme)
Sung by Marsh Kirielight (Takahashi Riie), Nitocris (Tanaka Mimi), Elisabeth Bathory (Okubo Rumi), Shuten Doji (Yuuki Aoi), Ibaraki Doji (Higashiyama Nao), Queen Maeve (Sakura Ayane), Atalante (Hayami Saori), mysterious heroine X (Kawasumi Ayako Kawasumi), Ishtar (Kana Ueda), Nero Claudius (Sakura Tange), Sitonai (Mai Kadowaki)

For the latest information, check the official Twitter and website!

Check "Fate/Grand Carnival" official Twitter and "Fate/Grand Carnival" official website for the latest information.
Download the game from the official "Fate/Grand Order" website!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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Fate/Grand Order
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