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The virtual background is also super beautiful! Virtual background images of "FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE" are distributed free of charge!

バーチャル背景も超美麗!「FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE」のバーチャル背景用画像が無料配布!

I see that various companies and individuals are distributing free images for virtual backgrounds that can be used for videoconferences and online drinking sessions.
There are so many different images for virtual backgrounds that even if I used them every day, I would never be able to use them all, and I really appreciate the change of pace as I spend more and more time at home.
Finally, we have a free virtual background image for the worldwide hit " FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE "!


Come and join us for a GW online drinking party!

The four beautiful images distributed this time are " Shinra Company ", " Church of Slum ", " House of Corneo ", and " House of Honey ".
How about using "Shinra Company" as a background for those who have work to do and video conferencing, or "Honey House" as a background for those who have many opportunities for online drinking parties during the Golden Week?
Personally, I'd like a picture of the inside of "Seventh Heaven" for my online drinking sessions! I'll be waiting!
The "FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE" official website is also distributing SNS icons and header images, so please check it out as well!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

Leno is also ...! LINE sticker with voice of "FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE" appeared!
Leno is also ...! LINE sticker with voice of "FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE" appeared...

"FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE" it's sold on April 10, 2020 and where it's big-grossing at the whole world. A stamp with a voice was also released followin

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