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The release date of pixel remastered series "Final Fantasy VI" is released! Pre-purchase benefits are also added!


The " Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster " series from Square Enix is now on sale.
The beautiful and nostalgic 2D remastered dot graphics will take you back to those days in real time.
FF I, FF II, and FF III were released on July 29, 2021, FF IV on September 9, 2021, and FF V on November 11, 2021, at a high pace, so we thought FF VI would be released before the end of the year, but the release date was announced as February 2022. However, it was announced that the release date will be February 2022.


In order to conduct careful debugging

The development of the "Final Fantasy VI" pixel remaster series will take longer than ever before, as the events and battles will be carefully adjusted and carefully debugged.
As a result, the game will be released a little later, in February 2022.
I have some concerns about the Pixel Remaster series, which has already been released, so I will wait as long as it will be a work that I can truly enjoy with peace of mind!
Along with the announcement of the release date, it was also announced that the Steam version of the game will come with an additional pre-order bonus!
The special soundtrack will include " Rock's Theme (Time Lapse Remix )" and "Aria (Instrument al)", and " FF" - "FFVI" Pixel Remaster Series Wallpapers x 2 " will be added to the special wallpapers. The special wallpaper will be
The "Aria (Instrumental)" is the music played in the famous scene, and we are very happy to see it added!
The special soundtrack and wallpaper will be a pre-order bonus, so you'll need to pre-order them before the game goes on sale.
Pre-orders for FF VI by itself have not yet begun, but the bundle version containing I - VI is now available on Steam for 9,172 yen (tax included)!
The bundle is cheaper than the sum of the individual purchases of I through V, and more importantly, you get to play all of the masterpieces, so the bundle is highly recommended! Please consider it!
Please check the NEWS page of FINAL FANTASY PORTAL SITE for more details.


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