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The Nintendo Switch version is finally here! The blockbuster fluffy battrois game "Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout" is now free to play!

遂にNintendo Switch版も!大ヒットのゆるふわバトロワゲー「Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout」が基本プレイ無料なって新登場!

PUBG," "Fortnite," "Apex Legends," "VALORANT," etc., " battle royale games" are games in which players fight until they are the last man (or team) standing. These games are also known as " battle royale games.
While most of these games are in the TPS and FPS genres, there are also titles such as "Tetris 99," "PAC-MAN 99," and "Super Bomberman R Online" that combine the fun of the original game with the Battlow game element. Battlow games are enjoyed in a wide variety of genres.
The game that revolutionized the world of Battlow games is " Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout," which was released in August 2020 and became a social phenomenon.
The game is a game in which cute, plump characters challenge various mini-games and aim for first place, but the game's bleakness is masked by the cuteness of the characters, and the official settings, such as their height of approximately 180cm and their skeletal structure, quickly attracted more and more players. The game was developed with the official setting of the characters being approximately 180cm tall and their skeletal structure being outrageous.
The game has also been the talk of the town for its many collaboration skins with various works and characters.
Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout" has been a huge hit, and while the Nintendo Switch and Xbox versions were announced for summer 2021, those plans have been postponed and there has been no further news.
Just when we were wondering if that might be the case, new information about "Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout" has been announced!

ドタバタバトロワ「Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout」がNintendo Switchで発売決定!

New Cross-Play and Multi-Platform Launch!

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout" has been available on PS4 and Steam, but is now available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox and Epic Games Store!
PS5 users have been able to play the PS4 version on PS5, but now the PS5 version will also be available!
We can't wait to see what the PS5 version will have to offer, as it will take advantage of the PS5's performance, with faster loading speeds and performance upgrades.
Of course, the game is cross-platform compatible, so it is possible to play on different platforms. Cross-progression will also be supported, so those who have been playing on PS4 can use their achievements and skins to play on Nintendo Switch.
As for the release date, it has been decided that it will be Tuesday, June 21, 2022 The date has been set! And the price is free!
Considering that the PS4 and Steam versions currently on sale are priced at 2,090 yen (including tax), it's pretty drastic to make it free.
In addition, everyone who purchases the game before the release and plays it after the release will receive a new "Legacy Pack"!

Legacy Pack
Fall Guys公式サイト

The game is free, and you can even get the Legacy Pack, which includes nicknames, nameplates, various skins, and a Premium Pass for Season 1.
The Season Pass gives you new costumes, unlockable items, 100 unlockable stages, and the ability to unlock the next Season Pass when you reach your limit, so you don't have a choice but to take it!

Season Pass
Fall Guys公式サイト

In addition, pre-registration is now open on the Epic Games Store, and depending on the number of registrations, you will get a nameplate, Kudos (in-game currency), skins, and emotes, so if you are just starting out, we recommend that you pre-register to get your rewards! I recommend that newcomers to the game especially pre-register to get the rewards.

Pre-registration Reward
Fall Guys公式サイト

We will be releasing more information in the future, so be sure to follow the official Fall Guys Twitter (@FallGuysJP ) in Japan for more information!
For more information, please check the Fall Guys official website and the "Fall Guys Free for All Announcement Stream" where a lot of information was announced!


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