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An unprecedented project finally takes off the veil! 【Artist Official Recognition】Visual Music Rhythm Game "EXTASY VISUAL SHOCK" Official Announcement!

前代未聞のプロジェクトが遂にベールを脱ぐ!【アーティスト公認】ヴィジュアル系音楽リズムゲーム「EXTASY VISUAL SHOCK」正式発表!

November 19, 2021.
Suddenly, an account named " EXTAV " appeared on Twitter.

It is content never seen before.
It is not even live. It is not a live concert, and its entire nature is shrouded in mystery.
All we know at this point is that "multiple artists will participate. ......

Wait for more information!


The words "EXTAV" and a teaser site were released, drawing attention to what kind of things would really begin.
After that, SUGIZO of LUNA SEA, TAKURO of GLAY, PATA of X JAPAN, and other rock stars who made our hearts flutter then and now were revealed to the public, and on November 29, 2021 (Monday), the project was finally unveiled!
EXTASY VISUAL SHOCK", a visual-kei music rhythm game, has been officially announced!

Live performances by legendary rock bands in your hands!

EXTASY VISUAL SHOCK " (abbreviated as EXTAV) is the first "artist-approved" music rhythm game that allows you to enjoy songs and live videos of participating artists.
GREE Entertainment, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of GREE, Inc. that has been involved in many popular smartphone games, has created the game, so you can expect great things from the game.
The fact that this is the first [artist-approved] game is great, but above all, the lineup of artists is terrifying!


YOSHIKI, PATA, and HEATH of X JAPAN;RYUICHI, SUGIZO, INORAN, J, and Shinya of LUNA SEA;TAKURO, TERU, HISASHI, and JIRO of GLAY, who have built up a " legend " without exaggeration and are now suspended & " legendary " without exaggeration. quot; artists with ties to " Ecstasy Records " have been announced.
The three bands are still at the top of the rock world, but the generation that was directly affected by their music is probably those around 40 years old.
Of course, I am also a member of the generation that was directly affected by the three bands, and I can't tell you how many songs I have copied from them.

Google Play

The details of "EXTASY VISUAL SHOCK" have not yet been announced, but it is said that you will be able to experience an overwhelming performance in a rhythm game, just like the excitement of a live performance.

Google Play

The game will include a variety of rare live footage only available here, including the latest live footage of participating artists, exclusive live footage, and unreleased and unpublished footage.

Google Play

Newly shot interview footage with the artists. The truth about that time, the view from the artist's side, and other valuable videos that can't be seen anywhere else will be available in the app!

Google Play

The videos will be added to the app as needed after its release, so you can't help but get excited at the thought of one day being the first to hear the latest songs, or play those classic songs or album tracks in a rhythm game!
The official website also shows images of " rooms " where you can invite your favorite members, so it looks like you can create your own special "room.

Google Play

The songs and videos that will be included in the album will be released on the official SNS one after another, so be sure to follow us on Twitter (@extav_official ), LINE official, Facebook (@axtav.account), Instagram (extav_official), and the official YouTube channel to get the latest information. channel to get the latest information.

Twitter Campaign for autographs!

In conjunction with the official announcement of "EXTASY VISUAL SHOCK," a Twitter campaign is now underway to post "#Memorable Songs" to win gorgeous prizes!
One autograph of each of RYUICHI, SUGIZO, INORAN, J, and Shinya of LUNA SEA and 50 Amazon gift certificates worth 5,000 yen will be given away by drawing among the participants.

Submission Campaign for "#Memorable Music

If there's a chance to win one of the LUNA SEA members' autographs, you've got to join the campaign right now! To participate, follow the official "EXTASY VISUAL SHOCK" Twitter account (@extav_official) and use the hashtags " #EXTAV " and " #Memorable songs& ". quot; and post it!
Don't forget to include the title of your favorite song and your passion for the song!
The entry period is short, until 23:59 on December 5, 2021 (Sun.), so be sure to check the "EXTASY VISUAL SHOCK" official website for the entry rules and regulations, and submit your entry now!
Also, we recommend that you search for "#Memorable songs" on Twitter, as you will be filled with your passionate thoughts and feelings, which will make you happy!

Two Major Pre-Registration Campaigns!

Pre-registration Campaign

Now that EXTASY VISUAL SHOCK has been officially announced, pre-registration has begun! And the pre-registration campaign has started!
The amount of in-game items that can be used in the game will increase as the total number of pre-orders and pre-registrations increases.
First of all, the "Encounter Ticket of Dest iny" x1 will be awarded when the number of registered users reaches 50,000, "Encounter Ticket of Destiny" x3 when the number reaches 100,000, "Encounter Ticket of Destiny" x6 when the number reaches 200,000, and "Encounter Ticket of Destiny" x3 when the number reaches 300,000, When you reach 300,000 users, you will receive a "Fateful Encounter Ticket" x1, which is a ticket that guarantees you SR or higher!
If you reach the highest number of 300,000, you will receive a total of 10 "Encounter of Destiny Tickets" and 1 "Encounter of Destiny Ticket" that confirms SR or higher.
There seems to be no clear description of what a "fateful encounter" is yet, but it is probably a gacha ticket!
And since it's an "encounter", does it mean that a member will appear, like SSR "YOSHIKI"? I can only look forward to it!

In addition, the App Store pre-order campaign has started!
Additional rewards will be given to everyone depending on the total number of pre-orders on the App Store and pre-registrations on Google Play.
Gems can be used for " Fateful Encounter " and Live Burst recovery, so there is no better way to get a lot of Gems!
Let's reach 200,000 players and get a total of x3,000 Gems!

Scheduled for release in 2022!

EXTASY VISUAL SHOCK" is free to play with in-game purchases and is scheduled for release in 2022!
X JAPAN's new album is still undecided when it will be released, but "EXTASY VISUAL SHOCK" will be released in 2022 because LUNA SEA and GLAY are in the game and GREE Entertainment, Inc. is working on the game. I'm sure it will be released in 2022! Maybe!

The details of the game will be updated on the official SNS and official website as needed, and more campaigns are planned for the future, so we are sure that things will continue to accelerate towards the release!
Let's wait for more information about the first [artist-approved] music rhythm game!
For more information, please check the official EXTASY VISUAL SHOCK website!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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