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Report from "EXTASY VISUAL SHOCK" producer pending release! Delivery time and actual machine play video are also released!

リリース延期中の「EXTASY VISUAL SHOCK」プロデューサーより報告が!配信時期や実機プレイ映像も公開!

EXTASY VISUAL SHOCK " (abbreviated EXTAV), the first [artist-approved] music rhythm game, was scheduled for release on February 25, 2022 (Friday).
The postponement of the release on the day it was scheduled to be released caused a few people to feel uneasy, but the situation on social networking services was unique in that many people said it was " within their expectations " because YOSHIKI was involved.
Even so, the progress reports on the official Twitter (@extav_official) stopped being updated on March 2, 2022 (Wed.), and there was a slight sense of disquiet because the status was no longer known.
Then, on March 12, 2022 (Sat.), Twitter was updated to report that the problem had been mostly resolved, although a definite service start date could not be announced, which was a relief.
We were looking forward to hearing something from them in the near future, and then a video was released on March 18, 2022 (Fri.) at 20:00!
New information has been revealed, including our progress!

Status Report from EXTASY VISUAL SHOCK After Delay Announcement

Release around the end of March or early April!

In the " EXTAV|A Report from the Producers " broadcast on Friday, March 18, 2022, Mr. Nakamura, producer, and Mr. Kano, director, from GREE Entertainment, Inc. appeared and talked about what has been happening so far regarding the "EXTASY VISUAL SHOCK", the release of which has been postponed. Mr. Nakamura, a producer, and Mr. Kano, a director, from GREE Entertainment, Inc. reported what has happened so far, what they have been doing, and what they are doing now regarding "EXTASY VISUAL SHOCK" whose release has been postponed.
As of March 12, 2022 (Saturday), the problem of the long time required to start up the game, which was the cause of the postponement of the service launch, was almost resolved, but there were some areas where screen transitions took time on some devices .
Currently, these adjustments have been mostly resolved, and the entire game is being tested again! In other words, we are in the final stages!
And if there are no problems in this operation verification Scheduled for release around the end of March or early April! If there are no problems with this operation verification, then the game will be released on Friday, February 25!
That's about a month and a half, which is a fraction of a second compared to the X JAPAN album!
As for the exact release date, we'll keep you posted, so let's wait for more news!

In the second half of the video, the game was introduced by Momoko Baba, a freelance announcer.
The video showed the actual game play of "NOMAL," the difficulty level of "ROSIER," one of LUNA SEA's most popular songs, and some of the footage of GLAY from the video shot exclusively for "EXTASY VISUAL SHOCK" was also shown. Some of the footage of GLAY, which was filmed exclusively for EXTASY VISUAL SHOCK, was also released!
GLAY became independent in 2006, and the members talk about their situation at that time in this very valuable video.
We are looking forward to the day when we can see the entire video in the "EXTASY VISUAL SHOCK" game.
The game will contain over 30 episodes from the time of the release, with more to be added at any time! Let's look forward to seeing what kind of footage will be added!
There is also an introduction to the " room part" of the game, the details of which were not fully known. EXTASY VISUAL SHOCK" is a music rhythm game, and since sound and images are very important in the game, there is a lot that cannot be conveyed in writing. For the full announcement, please watch " EXTAV|A Message from the Producer "!
Now that the release date has been set, if you haven't downloaded the game yet, it's time to do so!
Download the app from the App Store orGoogle Play!
For more information about "EXTASY VISUAL SHOCK", please visit the official website!


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As expected, EXTASY VISUAL SHOCK delayed
As expected, EXTASY VISUAL SHOCK delayed...

EXTASY VISUAL SHOCK, the first "Artist-Approved" music rhythm game, was scheduled for release on February 25, 2022. They announced the postponement of

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