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Details of Capcom's completely new "Exo Prime" main mode "Dino Survival" revealed! Call for Participants for Closed Network Test Started!


Capcom Showcase | 2022.6.14 " was broadcasted on Tuesday, June 14, 2022 at 7:00 a.m. (Japan time) to deliver the latest information from Capcom.
During the broadcast, Capcom revealed the latest trailer and new information about "Exo Primal," a completely new online-only team-based massive action game to be released on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Steam in 2023. The latest trailer and new information have been released!

What is "Exo Primal"?

Exo Primal" is a team-based massive action game in which players take on the deadliest " dinosaurs " in history using the " Exosuit," the most advanced and powerful human powered suit that specializes in the role of "role. The main mode "DinoSurvival" is a massive action game.
The main mode "Dino Survival" is a " competitive PvE" in which five players form a team and compete to complete a variety of missions presented by the new generation AI "Leviathan" faster than the other team.


In the year 2040 A.D.
, a herd of dinosaurs suddenly appeared and attacked cities and people, or "dinosaur disasters" occurred in many parts of the world, and humanity was on the verge of a crisis
However, the new-generation AI "Leviathan" developed by the Ibius Corporation has made it possible to "predict dinosaur disasters" by identifying the locations where they will occur. In addition, the development of the "Exosuit," a cutting-edge powered suit, was underway to counter the dinosaurs.
The "Exofighter" is the hope of mankind to exterminate the dinosaurs by wearing the Exosuit.
You will now take the fighter aptitude test at IBIUS, and as an "Exofighter," you will throw yourself into the battle to protect people from the dinosaur disaster.


The latest trailer is now available! Dino Survival Mission Revealed!

Dino Survival" is a 5-on-5 team battle, as described above, and the player who completes the mission presented by "Leviathan" before his or her opponent wins.
The latest trailer reveals the missions that will appear in Dino Survival!
It also gives us a glimpse into the disturbing storyline of the game!

Mission Description

Target Defeat


Neo-tyrannosaurus defeat
  • Target Defeat
    Defeat the specified dinosaurs.
  • VTOL Defense
    Defend landed VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing Aircraft) from dinosaurs' wave attacks.
  • Data key escort
    Carry objects called "data keys" to the destination. If the data key is continuously attacked by the enemy, it will be broken and will not move until it is repaired. It is possible to attack the other team's fighters and datakeys to obstruct their transportation.
  • Hammer Charge
    A mission in which you destroy target objects with the Omega Hammer and proceed to unlock barriers. When the dinosaur is defeated, energy accumulates in the Omega Hammer, and when the energy is maximized, the target object can be destroyed.
  • Energy Taker
    The player collects energy that appears on the field while fighting the opposing team. Energy can also be obtained by defeating opposing fighters.
  • Defeat Neo-Tyrannosaurus
    A special mission to challenge Neo Tyrannosaurus in cooperation with the other team. The mission will be successful if the Neo-Tyrannosaurus, with its overwhelming attack power, is defeated before the number of times a fighter has been killed exceeds the specified number.

Depending on the mission, you may find yourself directly attacking the other team's fighters, or you may find yourself working with the other team to take on a powerful enemy with 10 fighters.
The "Dino Survival" storyline progresses as you play, and the missions change based on your progress in the game, so even on the same field and in the same mission, you will have a different experience!

Roll: Assault suits and rigs!

Exosuits have roles called " Roles ", and there are three main types: Assault, Tank, and Support!
The assault role introduced here is a role that uses a variety of attack methods to destroy the enemy!



The "Paraje" is a firepower-oriented suit that disperses grenades!
It excels in narrow space combat by utilizing explosions and fire effects!



Vigilant" is a suit that excels at long-range sniping!
Positioning and accurate sniping techniques are the keys to success in this suit for intermediate to advanced players!

Additional equipment "Rig


  • Cannon: fires a powerful laser
  • Catapult: Quick boost jump in the direction of movement.
  • Aids: fires energy projectiles that deploy a recovery field at the point of impact.

The Exosuit can be equipped with an additional piece of equipment called a "rig"!
The combination of "suit and rig" can be used to enhance your strengths or compensate for your weaknesses, depending on your play style!

You can also change suits and rigs at any time during battle, so you can fight flexibly!
You can find out more about the other suits and details from the official Exo Primal website!

Through the vortex, the deadliest beings in history emerge!



The " Dinosaurs ", the most dangerous beings in history, will appear through the vortex, transcending time and space, with fighting abilities comparable to the strongest "Exo-Suits" in the human race!

All dinosaurs are driven mad by the unstable energy substance of vortex!
Dinosaurs with high levels of the vortex are called " Neo-Saws ", and their bodies mutate and they have different behaviors and attack methods, so beware!


Apparel products are already available!


Two designs based on the "key visual" of "Exo Primal" and the logo of "AIBIUS" that appears in the story are now available!
Each design is available in "T-shirts," "long-sleeved T-shirts," "sweatshirts," and "hoodies," with a variety of body colors to choose from depending on the size and design!
For details, please check the "EXOPRIMAL" product list on the " Capcom Official Apparel & Sundries Product Introduction Page "!

  • T-shirt: 3,300 yen (tax included)
  • Long-sleeved T-shirt: 3,850 yen (tax included)
  • Sweatshirts: 5,500 yen (tax included)
  • Hoodie: 6,050 yen (tax included)

Closed Network Test is now open! Twitter Campaign!

Closed Network Test

Here it comes! Here is the information about the network test!
A closed network test will be held for the Steam version of "Exo Primal"!
The duration of the test is as follows. Please note that the first test is limited to players in the U.S. and Canada.


The call for network test participants will be open from Tuesday, June 14, 2022 to Thursday, June 30, 2022 at 8:59 PM (JST)!
Depending on the number of entries, the application period may end earlier than the closing date and time, so please apply as soon as possible!
Please check the Closed Network Test Recruitment Site for details on how to apply and precautions such as the need to link your CAPCOM account with your Steam account.

Twitter Campaign to Commemorate the Network Test!

Twitter Campaign

To commemorate the closed network test, a Twitter campaign will be held to select 170 winners by drawing for a 500 yen "Exo Primal" QUO Card Pay!
The campaign will run from June 14, 2022 (Tuesday) to June 30, 2022 (Thursday) at 13:00!
Ten winners will be drawn every day, so please participate in the campaign!

How to apply


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Details of Capcom's completely new "Exo Prime" main mode "Dino Survival" revealed! Call for Participants for Closed Network Test Started!
Details of Capcom's completely new "Exo Prime" main mode "Dino Survival&quo...

In preparation for its release on PlayStation 5 / PlayStation 4 / Xbox Series X|S / Xbox One / Steam in 2023, the latest trailer and new information has been re