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Osaka Umeda's "Cyclops Base" introduces eo Hikari Net! Even more comfortable to play!


CYCLOPSathlete gaming ", a professional e-sports team, opened a new base " CYCLOPS Base " in Umeda, Osaka on August 13, 2020.
CYCLOPS athlete gaming" has many famous players, so a stable and high-speed network environment is essential for recent online-centered events and competitions.
Therefore, "CYCLOPS BASE" has installed " eo Hikari Net 10 Giga Course/1 Giga Course ", an FTTH service provided by Optage Corporation, a consolidated subsidiary of Kansai Electric Power Co.
The company announced that it has constructed an ultra high-speed, large-capacity, and stable fixed-line telecommunications environment!

Supported by the most advanced play environment

eスポーツ with eo

eo " has signed a sponsorship contract with "CYCLOPS athlete gaming" from February 2019.
Many of you may recognize the "eo" logo prominently on the shoulder of the uniforms worn by the players of "CYCLOPS athlete gaming".
For some time now, "eo" has been supporting e-sports under the name " e-sports with eo ".
Since network latency and lag can be fatal to online play, the introduction of the "eo Hikari Net 10 Giga/5 Giga/1 Giga Course," which provides a high-capacity and stable network, is likely to help Cyclops Base become a mecca for e-sports in Osaka. Cyclops Base" will become the Mecca of e-sports in Osaka!


Even ordinary households can install this service!


Since "eo hikari net 10 gigabyte/5 gigabyte/1 gigabyte course" is so fast, it must be for business use anyway, right? Some people may think that "eo HIKARI Net 10 Gigabit/5 Gigabit/1 Gigabit course" is for business use, but it can also be used at home!
Not only for those who are engaged in e-sports, but also for remote work and watching videos, a fast and stable network will make your life more comfortable.
It is likely that you will still be spending a lot of time at home, so why not try "eo hikari net 10 gigabit course/1 gigabit course " and get a comfortable gaming life and remote work environment?
eo hikari net" is a service provided in the Kansai region.


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