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MMORPG "ELYON", which started service in Korea at the end of 2020, landed in Japan!


ELYON, an MMORPG newly developed by Bluehole, Inc., a Korean online game developer that also developed the popular Japanese MMORPG "TERA," will be available in Japan.
GameOn, Inc. will operate the Japan server, and a pre-open test was held for four days from September 24 (Friday) at 17:00 to September 27 (Monday) at 12:00.

Synopsis of "ELYON

The story is quoted from the official site.

The secret of an ancient "portal" has been unlocked.
The powerful energy "mana" was discovered.
People's lives have become richer.
The world, seeking more energy, began to seek limited resources, and the two forces were soon divided into two opposing camps.
Soon the world was divided into two opposing forces.
The two competing forces explored different worlds beyond the portal.
Finally, they discovered the giant portal "Elion" connected to the land where the ultimate "mana" lies.
Now, the era of fierce warfare between those who seek to make Elyon their own begins.


As the storyline suggests, the game is set in a fantasy world, and the precise 3D battle action is the main selling point of the game.


Are Japanese users ready for a head start?

The game's official Twitter feed already has over 10,000 users, and since it has been about a month since information about the service's launch came out in August, it is thought to be quite anticipated.

In addition, an official YouTube channel and an official Discord server have also been set up, with about 4,000 people participating on the Discord server.
Even though the official service has not started yet, the recruitment of in-game guilds has begun, and people are eagerly waiting for the official service to start.

日本ユーザーはスタートダッシュ準備万端? ELYON公式サイト

For those who want to check out the details, check out the official ELYON website.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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