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Star players gather! Invitation-only offline competition "EDION VALORANT CUP" of the hottest FPS game "VALORANT" now from October 2!

スター選手が集結!今最も熱いFPSゲーム「VALORANT」の招待制オフライン大会「EDION VALORANT CUP」10月2日から開催!

RIZeST Corporation, an e-sports entertainment company, announces that the " EDION VALORANT CUP," a tournament in which teams and players who lead the tactical shooting game " VALORANT " will demonstrate their appeal to the fullest and compete to win the championship. The tournament will be held from October 2 (Fri.) to 4 (Sun.), 2020, at a studio in Tokyo in a live, non-participant broadcast format.

VALORANT tournament to be held offline with no audience

The " EDION VALORANT CUP " is a competition that aims to create a stage where e-sports teams and players can demonstrate their athletic appeal to the fullest and attract fans.
The game title selected for this year's tournament is "VALORANT," the hottest FPS title of the moment.
The tournament will be a Bo3 (2-rounds first round), single elimination format.
The tournament will be held as an invitation-only event, and the following 6 teams that have achieved excellent results in domestic tournaments will be invited to participate.

The organizer of the tournament, Akihito Furusawa, President of RIZeST Corporation, and the sponsor, Hiroshi Tasaka, General Manager of the Information Appliance Product Department of EDION Corporation, commented on the event.

Comment from Mr. Hiroshi Tasaka, General Manager of Information Appliance Product Department, EDION Corporation

Since 2018, the first year of e-sports, we have been engaged in various activities to contribute to the development of e-sports. In addition to supporting professional e-sports teams, we are also supporting the "National High School e-Sports Tournament STAGE:0" in 2020, helping high school students to achieve their dreams on the big stage. The "EDION VALORANT CUP" is an event designed to bring high-level competition among Japan's top teams to fans across the country, using the latest game titles. RIZeST will continue its efforts to expand the base of e-sports.

Comment from Akihito Furusawa, President of RIZeST Corporation

We have been involved in a variety of e-sports projects, large and small, from the behind-the-scenes production side, with our business mission of "making e-sports a sustainable cultural, economic, and social force". We are very grateful to EDION for sharing our aspirations and allowing us to host the EDION VALORANT CUP. While many offline events have been affected by the new coronavirus, we will do our utmost to deliver the enthusiasm of the players and their joy, anger, sorrow, and happiness to the fans through live broadcasts. Please look forward to it.

"EDION VALORANT CUP" will be held from Friday, October 2!

The "EDION VALORANT CUP " will be held from Friday, October 2 to Sunday, October 4, 2020.
While various events are being held online this year due to the Corona virus, this is the first offline tournament after the release of VALORANT, although this tournament will be spectator-free, so one of the elements to look forward to is seeing the players' expressions and the way they communicate with each other. The top teams that are leading the Japanese competitive scene will be there.
Since all the top teams that lead the competitive scene in Japan have gathered for this tournament, the exchange of high-level skills will be a must-see!
More details can be found on the official EDION VALORANT CUP page!
The tournament time and distribution platform will be announced at a later date. Don't miss it!

Tournament Name EDION VALORANT CUP (commonly known as "E.V.C.")
Game Title VALORANT (Raiatto Games, LLC)
Tournament Schedule Friday, October 2 - Sunday, October 4, 2020
Time To be announced later
Prize money 1,000,000 yen (tentative)
Participating Teams Absolute JUPITER
BlackBird lgnis
DetonatioN Gaming
Lag Gaming
(Alphabetical order)
Tournament Format Quarter Finals Single Elimination Bo3 (2-player elimination)
Semi Final Single Elimination Bo3 (2-player elimination)
Final Single Elimination Bo3 (2-player elimination)
Delivery Time To be announced later
Format Offline without audience
Distribution Platform To be announced at a later date
Hosted by RIZeST Corporation
Sponsor EDION Corporation
Official Website URL https://www.rizestinc.com/evc


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