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The Legend of the Holy Sword is a new work for smartphones! All-time character Alls Star game "Seiken Legend ECHOES of MANA" announced!

聖剣伝説がスマートフォン向け新作を!歴代キャラオールススターゲーム「聖剣伝説 ECHOES of MANA」発表!

On June 28, 2021 (Monday), Square Enix will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the " Seiken Densetsu " series, the milestone of action RPGs.
The "Seiken" series will celebrate its 30th anniversary on June 28, 2021 (Monday). Seiken Broadcast," a lot of information was revealed.
At the end of the broadcast, there was a surprise announcement that a completely new game for home video game consoles is in the works, but there was also a lot of other exciting information, especially in the " 3rd period? corner, the long-awaited "Seiken Densetsu" series' latest title was announced!
The all-star game "Seiken Densetsu ECHOES of MANA " starring the popular characters of the series will be released on smartphones!

The video will start playing from "3rd period? The video will be played from "3:00".

All-star game featuring characters from the series

Seiken Densetsu: ECHOES of MANA " is the latest title in the "Seiken Densetsu" series being developed by Square Enix in collaboration with WFS Co.
The game is scheduled for release in 2022 on iOS and Android smartphones. The game will be free to play and items will be charged.

Seiken Densetsu ECHOES of MANA

In the story, the female protagonist " Kilte" ( CV: Hikaru Tono) and the male protagonist " Kilt" ( CV: Koutaro Nishiyama) are led by a goddess on a journey to the world of memory where the tree of mana resides, in search of the lost holy sword.
What is the "world of memory"? We will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of the "Seiken Broadcast". Seiken Broadcast," a video of the game in development was shown!

The video will be played from the in-game video.

In the video, we can see "Kilt" visiting the world of Secret of Mana and "Kilte" visiting the world of Trials of Mana.
Also, as an all-star game, "Seiken Densetsu: ECHOES of MANA" will feature some of the characters from the series!

Seiken Densetsu ECHOES of MANA

Hero ( CV : Hiro Shimono)" and " Amanda ( CV : Miyuki Sawashiro)" from "The Legend of the Sword: Final Fantasy Gaiden," " Randy ( CV : Kensho Ono )" " Prim ( CV : Hope Yamamoto)", " Duran ( CV : Takuya Eguchi)" " Angela ( CV : Rumi Okubo)" from "Trials of Mana", "Seiken Densetsu 4&quot The Legend of the Sword 4"s " Eldi" ( CV : Tetsuya Kakihara) and " Lexius" ( CV : Shoya Chiba) were announced as joining the game.
Although this announcement is only a part of the game, "Popoy" from "Secret of Mana" and "Hawkeye" and "Reese" from "Trials of Mana" were shown in the in-game video released. So it's safe to assume that they will be there too!
Many of the characters will be voiced for the first time in the new game, so let's wait for more information!

And more, more, more! A battle movie of the game, although still in development, has also been released!

The video will be played from the "Battle Video" menu.

The three-player party, switching between characters to fight, seems to be very typical of Seiken Densetsu. It also seems that special moves can be used.
In addition to the characters that have been officially announced to participate in the game, there are also appearances of that character and that character in the video.
In addition to field battles, boss battles are also shown, including the " Full Metal Hugger," which is a well-known boss in the series that has been hunted by tens of thousands of animals worldwide, and the original "Seiken Densetsu: ECHOES of MANA" boss.
I can't wait to play the game!
It seems that a multiplayer co-op mode will also be implemented.
It seems that you can challenge strong enemies together with your friends, so it will be fun to play not only with one person but also with everyone!

Check the website and SNS for more information!

Seiken Densetsu: ECHOES of MANA" is currently under development and will be released in 2022, so not much information is available yet.
The teaser site and official Twitter account (@Seiken_EoM) have been released in conjunction with this announcement, so be sure to check them for further information!
It looks like we will be able to play the exciting story where the characters of the "Seiken Densetsu" series and the characters of the "Seiken Echoes of EoM" series form a party and challenge the boss character.


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The Legend of the Holy Sword is a new work for smartphones! All-time character Alls Star game "Seiken Legend ECHOES of MANA" announced!
The Legend of the Holy Sword is a new work for smartphones! All-time character Alls Star g...

It was broadcast on Sunday on June 27, 2021, "30th anniversary of shuku! St. sword broadcast", then a large number of information was exhibited, wasn'

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