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EPOS Forms Partnership with Toppan Printing's Esports Club "E1 HEROES"

凸版印刷のeスポーツ部「E1 HEROES」とEPOSがパートナーシップを締結

(Toppan Printing) announced today that its e-sports division " E1 HEROES " has entered into a partnership with EPOS, a provider of high-performance gaming audio equipment such as Sennheiser gaming headsets. E1 HEROES is a leading provider of high-performance gaming audio equipment, including Sennheiser gaming headsets.

EPOS products will be provided by

凸版印刷公式サイト ニュースルーム

E1 HEROES" is an e-sports club operated by Toppan Printing, which is involved in the " AFTER 6 LEAGUE " e-sports league for working people, as a club activity as part of its welfare program.
The club has a fighting game division, a shooter game division, a puzzle game division, and a MOBA division, and currently has more than 80 members who participate in various corporate exchange games and general e-sports tournaments.
As part of the partnership, EPOS provided E1 HEROES with a gaming headset and several audio amplifiers.
E1 HEROES", one of the most talented e-sports clubs for working people, will be able to make even greater strides by using EPOS products with high sound quality and performance.
For details, please visit Toppan Printing's official website newsroom.


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