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Fan-awaited "Dragon's Dogma 2" surprise announcement! A special video has been released in which the staff talks about the behind the scenes of the production!


Dragon's Dogma," an open-world action RPG developed by Capcom, celebrated its 10th anniversary on Tuesday, May 24, 2022.
The game is a Japanese-made open-world game with a super-royalistic fantasy style of sword and sorcery, but with unique elements such as "grabbing" action and "pawns," and it has been a firm favorite among gamers.
To celebrate the 10th anniversary of "Dragon's Dogma," a fan meeting video was shown and it was announced that " Dragon's Dogma 2 " is in the works!


Dragon's Dogma 10th Anniversary Fan Meeting

The Dragon's Dogma 10th Anniversary Fan Meeting video was released on Friday, June 17, 2022 (Japan time), and includes a conversation between "Dragon's Dogma" director Hideaki Itsuno (@tomqe), art director Daigo Ikeno, and level designer Kenichi Suzuki, looking back at the production of the game at the time. The video includes a conversation with Hideaki Ituno (@tomqe), the director of "ZDogma", Daigo Ikeno, the art director and Kenichi Suzuki, the level designer.

The talk is a must-see for "Dragon's Dogma" fans and anyone interested in the game's production.

Aiming to be "just a little bit online


One of the unique elements of "Dragon's Dogma" is the " pawn " system.
Pawns, whose behavior changes and grows as they adventure with the player, can be lent and borrowed by friends and strangers over the Internet.
Pawns that have been active in other worlds may bring back items they have collected or gifts from other players, making this a "slightly online" experience despite being a single player game.

Create a one-of-a-kind pawn in the world

Director Hideaki Itsuno confesses that he was conflicted when creating the game: "We could make the pawns smarter, but smarter movement does not necessarily mean an online-like game experience.

Pursuing uniqueness while being conscious of the middle of the road fantasy


Dragon's Dogma" combat is characterized by " grabbing" action.
Art director Daigo Ikeno said, "It would be boring to keep slashing at the feet when fighting large monsters, so I thought there was no point in making the game unless the action changed. I thought I could make an interesting action game using the techniques I have cultivated in Devil May Cry and fighting game production if I were to make a normal game, but I had to challenge myself to do something different.

Field Design Inspired by the United Kingdom


Kenichi Suzuki, level designer of Dragon's Dogma, said, "The terrain of Dragon's Dogma was inspired by the English and Welsh regions that I visited during location scouting. The hilly terrain with its continuous ups and downs is reflected in the game, and was very effective in terms of creating a blind field of vision and showing distant destinations.


Dragon's Dogma 2" Surprise Announcement!

The letter "II" on the T-shirt!

The video titled "Dragon's Dogma 10th Anniversary Fan Meeting" ended with a rare behind-the-scenes look at the production by the staff.
But then, he suddenly took off his outerwear and...

We are making "Dragon's Dogma 2"!

To his surprise, he announced that " Dragon's Dogma 2 " was in the works!
Director Hideaki Itsuno said, "Thank you for your patience! The entire staff is working hard to create a game that you will enjoy. Please look forward to it! We are working hard to create a game that you will enjoy!

Dragon's Dogma 2

The video ended with the release of the "Dragon's Dogma 2" title logo.
Rumors of a sequel to "Dragon's Dogma" had been circulating, then settling down, and then repeating.
Hideaki Itsuno's tweets that hinted at a sequel were also a topic of conversation, but now it has finally become a reality!

Although details have not been announced, it has been revealed that the creators of the first "Dragon's Dogma" game will be participating in "Dragon's Dogma 2" and that Capcom's in-house developed engine " RE EN GINE" will be used.
RE ENGINE" is also used in "Resident Evil Village" and "Monster Hunter Rise".
Check the official "Dragon's Dogma" website and Twitter account often for more information!


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Fan-awaited "Dragon's Dogma 2" surprise announcement! A special video has been released in which the staff talks about the behind the scenes of the production!
Fan-awaited "Dragon's Dogma 2" surprise announcement! A special video has been r...

The fan meeting video of the open-world action RPG "Dragon's Dogma", which was developed by Capcom Co., Ltd. and celebrated its 10th anniversary on Ma