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Watch for the Lotto! 31 Collaboration Vol. 2! Michipa, Zakoshi's TV commercial! Drakwe Keshi Poppy is holding a campaign to commemorate half a year of release!


May 27th is Dragon Quest Day!
Friday, May 27, 2022 marks the 36th anniversary of Dragon Quest!
We are looking forward to the development of "Dragon Quest Treasures " and "Dragon Quest XII: The Flame of Chosen Destiny " and other notable titles.
And the smartphone puzzle game "Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi! a puzzle game for smartphones, has also been released for six months!
A super gorgeous " Half Anniversary Campaign " is now being held to commemorate the half-year anniversary of its release!

【速報】シリーズ最新作「ドラゴンクエストXII 選ばれし運命の炎」が正式発表!

In-Game Campaign & Dragons Quest 1 Collaboration!

ドラけし ハーフアニバーサリーキャンペーン!
Dora Keshi Half Anniversary Campaign!

Since its release on December 1, 2021 (Wednesday), "Dragon Quest Keshikeshi! ".
Currently, "Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi Keshi! Half Anniversary Event and Dragon Quest 1 Collaboration are being held simultaneously in the "Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi!
Just by logging in during the event period, you will receive 10,000 gold, a special coin that allows you to play the Half Anniversary Dragon Pong 20 times, and a "Ryuoh" Drakeshi!


The Half Anniversary Dragons are super-value gachas that will only release the limited edition keshi that have been collaborated with over the past six months!
This is one of the few chances to get the keshi you missed, so don't forget to pull it!
Also, the " Ryuoh " dragon key as a login bonus is a special key to effectively promote the Dragon Quest 1 collaboration currently being held.
The "Ryuoh" was expected to be the centerpiece of the Dragapon, and now it's being given away!

Retweet to win gold!

Additional rewards will be awarded depending on the number of retweets of the target tweet by 14:59 on June 16, 2022 (Thursday)!
At the time of writing, we've reached 3,000 gold for 10,000 retweets!
At the time of writing, we have reached 3,000 gold for 10,000 retweets, 4,000 gold for 15,000 retweets, 5,000 gold for 20,000 retweets, and so on, so let's participate and get even better rewards!

8 new Drakeshi!


Eight new DRAKESHI have been added to the Dragon Quest 1 Collaboration!
You can get them from various sources such as stage drops, mission rewards, and Dragons.
The "Dragon King" in particular is a valuable 5☆ piece that is worth the difficulty of obtaining , so let's try our best to get it!

Thirty-One Collaboration Vol. 2!

Daddy, I'm gonna cry.

Dragon Quest Keshikeshi" and "Thirty-One Ice Cream" are collaborating from April 28, 2022 (Thursday) to May 31, 2022 (Tuesday ).
Vanilla Ice Cream Lime" will appear in the game, and a limited flavor of Thirty-One Ice Cream, "Plitty Slime Hoimi Flavor," will be on sale at the Thirty-One Ice Cream shop.

The second collaboration between "Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi Keshi" and Thirty-One Ice Cream has been decided!
Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi Ice Cream Cake" will be available in limited quantities from June 1, 2022!

Cute spoon!

A special bonus is a serial code that can be used in the "Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi Keshi" game and a slime-designed spoon!
Use the serial code on the PC (AndApp) version to get a "Matcha Ice Lime" Drakeshi!


Dragon Quest 36th Anniversary! You can get Lot's watch!

Legendary Roto equipment on your arm!

To celebrate the 36th anniversary of "Dragon Quest", we are holding a campaign for one person to win a wristwatch designed in "Lotto Blue", which is based on the image of "Lotto equipment"!
Dragon Quest PR Manager (@DQ_PR) and Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi Keshi on the official Twitter account! (@DQkeshikeshi_PR) on Twitter and retweet the target tweet to complete your entry!
The deadline for application is June 30, 2022 (Thu) 23:59.
Please read the application instructions carefully before submitting your entry!

Limited TV commercial is now on view!

Dora Keshi TV Commercial

A TV commercial starring the celebrities Miyu Ikeda a.k.a. "Michyopa" and Hollywood Zakoshisho is now available on the YouTube channel " Square Enix " for a limited time!
Miyu Ikeda is a fan of "Dorakeshi" as she has stated on her radio show.
Hollywood Zakoshisho, who would not look out of place as a bombshell, is also a fan of "Drakeshi".

Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi! TV commercial "It's! DRAGON QUEST Keshikeshi Arc

Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi! TV commercial "Keshi Keshi Keshi Keshi Keshi Arc

Real eraser! Dora Keshi" goods are now available for pre-order!

Dora Keshi TV Commercial

Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi Keshi! " is now available as real erasers!
Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi Keshi!" to be released on Monday, June 6, 2022. Dora Keshi (with gum) 16-piece box" is now available for pre-order at Square Enix e-STORE, Amazon.co.jp and Rakuten Ichiba!
Each pack contains a random eraser of Killer Machine, Golem, Drakey, and more.
Also included is a serial code for use with the PC (AndApp) version.
You have to have all kinds of these...!

PC (AndApp) version service has started!

The PC (AndApp) version will be available from May 27, 2022 (Friday)!
You can play the same play data by linking the data you are already playing!
Let's play Keshi Keshi at home or at home!

In the six months since its release, "Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi Keshi! "
We'll keep an eye on the future developments!
For the latest information, please follow the official Twitter account of "Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi! Twitter account (@DQkeshikeshi_PR) for the latest information!


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Thirty One collaborates with Dragon Quest Keshi Poppy for the first time! Hoimi taste and variety box with the image of slime, original coaster appeared!
Thirty One collaborates with Dragon Quest Keshi Poppy for the first time! Hoimi taste and ...

B-R Thirty one An ice cream corporation announced that collaboration with "Dragon Quest erasure poppy!" is held from Thursday, April 28, 2022 to Tue

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