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Dragon Quest Island: The Island of Zoma and The Beginning, a Dragon Quest Island-themed attraction, opens in spring 2021!

ドラクエをテーマにしたアトラクション「ドラゴンクエスト アイランド 大魔王ゾーマとはじまりの島」が2021年春にオープン!

Anime and video games go hand in hand with theme parks, as is the case with Universal Studios Japan's new " Super Nintendo World " area, which is scheduled to open in February 2021.
Universal Studios Japan itself has many anime, movie, and game attractions, and many of the attractions in a certain dreamland are also based on animation.
If that is the case, don't you think that " Dragon Quest," one of Japan's most popular RPGs, which will celebrate its 35th anniversary in 2021, would be a good fit for an attraction with its adventurous gameplay?
In the spring of 2021, an attraction based on Dragon Quest, " Dragon Quest Island: Daimon-Ou Zoma and the Island of Beginnings," will be born!

Real x Digital Field RPG Attraction

ドラゴンクエスト アイランド 大魔王ゾーマとはじまりの島
Dragon Quest Island: Daimaou Zoma and the First Island
"ドラゴンクエスト アイランド 大魔王ゾーマとはじまりの島"公式サイト

Dragon Quest Island: Daimaou Zouma and the First Island " is a new attraction that will open in the spring of 2021 at Nijigen no mori, Hyogo Prefectural Awajishima Park Anime Park.
It is an outdoor " Field RPG attraction " that expresses the world of "Dragon Quest" through a fusion of real and digital world s, where participants can become the hero of their own story and explore your own story, " Your Story," while following the original story. The attraction is an outdoor "Field RPG Attraction" that represents the world of "Dragon Quest".
At least "Zoma", "Killer Machine", and "Killer Panther" are likely to appear in the game. They are also depicted in the main visual.
In addition to the familiar Dracula monsters, Nijigen-no-mori exclusive monsters will appear at the attraction, and original goods and food will be sold.

Original character "Homilot

The slime is one of the most iconic monsters in the Dracula series.
Although it is the weakest monster in the series, its lovability and many variations have made it a popular monster that has been made into numerous goods.
In the first chapter of Dragon Quest IV, " Hoimin, " a Hoimislime, appeared as Ryan's companion, and in Dragon Quest Walk, a slime with a compass on its head named " Sramichi " was its partner. In "Dragon Quest Island: Daimon-Ou Zoma and the First Island", an original slime will appear as a navigator!

"ドラゴンクエスト アイランド 大魔王ゾーマとはじまりの島"公式サイト

The original character " Homilot " is a slime who longs to be a hero.
He seems to be a companion who will give you various advice and help you in battles during your adventures in "Dragon Quest Island: Daimaou Zoma and the First Island".
We will wait for the opening of the attraction to find out how they will actually help us!
Homilot will also be the person in charge of the newly opened Twitter account " Dragon Quest Island: Daimaou Zoma and the First Island " (@DQ_ISLAND ), so we will find out what kind of character he is soon.

The official website is also open to the public!

Along with this announcement, the official website for "Dragon Quest Island: Daimaou Zouma and the First Island" has been unveiled!
However, the opening is still some time away, so there is not that much information, but we are sure that more information will be released as it becomes available!
The day when you can step into the world of Dracula that you have dreamed of since your childhood is just around the corner! Let's wait for more information!
For more information, please check the official website of "Dragon Quest Island: Daimawou Zouma to Hajimari no Shima"!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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