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Finally the last! Dragon Quest Walk "Door of Trial" 4th week starts! !


Are you saving the world?

I, a casual walker who saves the world at a slow pace, have completed the main storyline and my first job has reached level 50, so I have started to change jobs. I want permanent skills....
The "Door of Trials" event, which started on October 24, has reached its climax.
The balance of the event is as expected of Dracula, as adjustments made from the second week have made it easier to challenge the doors and expanded the range of access to the doors, so you can easily challenge the doors in your spare time.
The "Door of Trials" event has been a great success, and the fourth and final week of the "Door of Trials" finally started at 15:00 on November 14!


The fourth week of "Door of Trials" has started!

"Door of Trials" Week 4

The monsters appearing this time are "Dendenryu" (beginner level), "Dragon Baggage" (intermediate level), and "Skydragon" (advanced level).
As in the past, if you clear at least one door during the event period, you will receive a regular title as a participation prize, and the top 10 scorers of the advanced level doors will receive additional limited titles, accessories, and treasure chests, so keep on challenging!

Week 4 Bonus Rewards

Of course, you can get a lot of Gems, Dragon Coins, and Gold for the high score reward of each door.
You will also receive reinforcement materials at the end of the event on Thursday, depending on your score rank, so aim for the highest rank you can get!
I have never been able to get an S rank in the advanced level door, so this time is the time to do it!

High Score Rewards for "Doors of Trials" Week 4


As previously announced, the monsters from week 1, "Gamegon," "Terranoriner," and "Dashran," will appear in the middle of a series of battles at the "Door of Trials" in the fourth week, and Kokoro will be awarded for clearing the door.
I actually tried the beginner level door and found that "Dash Run" appeared at the end of a series of battles!

Portals of Trials


The Door of Trials

The first week was very difficult before the adjustment, and it was very hard to collect Kokoro, so this is a good chance for me!

The last week!

The fourth week of the "Door of Trials" will be held from Thursday, November 14, 2019 at 15:00 to Thursday, November 21, 2019 at 14:59.
The Kanto and Chubu Blocs of the ongoing "Autumn Fun Event" will be open until November 22, 2019 (Fri.) at 14:59, so don't miss out on the chance to hunt for maple kozo and enjoy the event without regret!
More details on the official Dragon Quest Walk Twitter account!


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