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【Editorial Department Fukubiki Image Available】 Dragon Quest Walk "Door of Trial" Second Half Start! New mega monster, New Fukubiki also appeared!


The "Autumn Excursion Event" currently being held in the Hokkaido and Tohoku Blocks started today, November 8 at 15:00 in the Kanto and Chubu Blocks, and the Dragon Quest Walk is getting more and more exciting.
The "Door of Trials," which has been held since October 24, will enter its third week on November 7 at 3:00 p.m., and the second half of the event is now underway. We are finally entering the second half of the walk.

The difficulty level has been adjusted since the second week, making the challenge much easier and making it more worthwhile to wander around the city.
With the start of the second half of the "Door of Trials," a new mega monster and a new fukubikin have also appeared, so I will introduce them all!
At the end of the article, we will also show you the results of the new lucky draws!


The second half of the "Door of Trials" has begun!

The third week of the second half of "Door of Trials" started at 15:00 on November 7.

"Door of Trials" Week 3

The monsters appearing this time are " Kodra " in the beginner level, " Barge Lizard " in the intermediate level, and " Battle Rex " in the advanced level.
As in the past, if you clear at least one door during the event period, you will receive a regular title as a participation prize, and the top 10 scorers of the advanced level doors will receive additional limited titles, accessories, and treasure chests, so keep on challenging!

Week 3 Bonus Rewards

Of course, as in the past, high score rewards will be given according to the rank of each door.
Of course, as in the past, high score rewards will be given according to the rank of each door.

High Score Rewards for "Doors of Trials" Week 2


New items, " Soraryu no Kabukimono " and " Soraryu no Kigurumi " have been added to the Dragon Medal Exchange, so let's collect all the Dragon Medals you can find!

"Soraryu headgear" "Soraryu stuffed animal headgear" "Soraryu stuffed animal headgear"

New Mega Monster "Naumamborg" is here!


The Mega Monster defeats seemed to have lost a little steam since "Ryuoh" was no longer available, but the new Mega Monster " Naumannborg " is now available. The recommended level is 40.
Defeating "Naumamborg" gives you a chance to obtain the ★3 accessory " Ring of Hayate " at a low rate! The higher your ranking when defeating the Naumannborg, the higher the chance, so aim for a high ranking!
The number of coupons you can hold has been expanded from one to five, so keep on trying!

New "Dragon's Treasure Equipment Drawing" has started!

Dragon's Treasure Equipment Fortunes

Two weeks after the launch of the "Yellow Dragon Equipment Fortunes Fortunes", a new lucky draw is now available! It's called "Dragon's Treasure Equipment Frawl "!
Dragon Rod " and " Dragon Boomerang " with powerful skills of "Baggy" attribute.

Dragon Rod
Dragon Boomerang

The "Dragon Shield," which has a high strength and resistance to the mela attribute, will also be newly available.

Dragon Shield

Of course, the editorial staff of funglr Games immediately drew a 10-round lottery...

Result of the author: band member

Bandstand Results

It was a bomb.

Result of charity type


The funglr Games editorial staff, the type of person who goes to his destination by bicycle, has been a steady bomb, even though he has done it twice in a row of 10.
It must be because he uses a bicycle.


The result of LAN cable man

LAN cable man results

The LAN Cable Man, who is responsible for funglr Games' server infrastructure, had a bit of a blast.
It's still a good thing that there is a 5* Wild Bottom out there.

The LAN cable man did not get any new equipment. I wonder if they are reluctant this time, too...

The third week ends November 14!

The second half of the Doors of Trials event schedule

The third week of the "Door of Trials" event started at 15:00 on November 7 and will end at 14:59 on November 14!
The second half of the event's log-in bonus has also started, and you will receive gems and gold, so be sure to participate!
With the "Autumn Event" and the "Door of Trials", there are plenty of things to do in Dracula Walk, so let's celebrate the fall of sports and the fall of Dracula Walk!

For more information on the "Door of Trials", please visit the official Dragon Quest Walk website!


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Dragon Quest Walk new event "Autumn holiday event" will be held!
Dragon Quest Walk new event "Autumn holiday event" will be held!...

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