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Go To Hot Springs! "Hot spring tour campaign" held at Dragon Quest Walk!

Go To 温泉!ドラクエウォークで「温泉めぐりキャンペーン」開催!

Before we know it, it is already mid-November.
As the temperature gradually drops, you will start to miss hot springs, won't you?
As of November 2020, there is a " Go To Travel" campaign that offers great deals on trips, so perhaps this year's trend is to go a little further afield and enjoy a relaxing trip to a nice hot spring resort.
But if you're going to go on a hot spring trip, don't you think it would be nice to have at least one more thing to look forward to?
Dragon Quest Walk will be holding a " Hot Springs Tour Campaign " in which hot spring resorts across Japan will become event spots!

Visit hot spring spots and get special rewards!

The "Onsen Meguri Campaign" will be held as a part of the " Walk Burari Tabi Campaign " event in the Dragon Quest Walk.
Limited event spots will appear in about 300 hot spring resorts across Japan, and by visiting these spots, you can earn special rewards such as titles and appearance equipment that you can only get in this event!

Onsen Slime Defeat Mission

Onsen Slime Defeat Mission

During the event period, the limited event monster " Onsen Slime" will appear in the vicinity of limited event spots set up in hot spring resorts around the country.
You can get ornaments and appearance equipment depending on the number of "Onsen Slime" you defeat, so let's defeat them as many as possible and get them all at once!
The "Onsen Slime" will not appear until you have cleared the first 10 episodes of the story quest, so if you haven't cleared the story quest yet, be sure to do so before heading to the hot spring resort!

Onsen Slime Defeat Mission Rewards

Onsen Stamp Rally

Onsen Stamp Rally

A stamp rally will be held at limited event spots in hot spring resorts across Japan!
Depending on the number of spots you visit, you can win titles, ornaments, and appearance equipment!
If you visit the third and fifth spots, you can get a " Travel Ticket Present Raffle Ticket " to participate in a campaign in which 10 people will be selected by lottery to win a 100,000 yen travel ticket with an original DQ Walk design. So, let's visit more and more hot spring resorts!
Even if you don't win the travel voucher, be sure to enter the drawing for a chance to win a "Slime Towel " for 500 lucky winners!

Onsen Stamp Rally Rewards

The event starts on November 16th!

The "Hot Springs Tour Campaign" will be held from November 16, 2020 (Monday) to February 1, 2020 (Monday) at 14:59.
Since the campaign will run for a long period of time, you may want to take advantage of the year-end and New Year's holidays to go there.
As for the hot spring resorts in question, there are only two in Tokyo: Iwakura Onsen and Miharayama Onsen! I guess they want people to visit as many different places as possible, since more of them are located in rural areas.
If you visit the various spots, eat local specialties, see spectacular views, and relieve your fatigue in the hot springs, you will feel refreshed both physically and mentally!
For more details about the event and the hot spring spots that will become limited event spots, please check the Dragon Quest Walk "Onsen Meguri Campaign" special page!


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