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Dragon Quest Walk "DQIII Event" Chapter 4 starts! New strong enemy monsters also appeared!


"Dragon Quest III Event " (hereafter referred to as "DQIII Event") is now underway at the very popular " Dragon Quest Walk."
With the implementation of the "Mega Monster Everywhere" feature, you can now challenge Mega Monsters from anywhere, and even from home, you can cooperate to fight Baramos.
Thanks to this, we are now running out of "Faction Bills," which we didn't use during the period when Mega Monsters were not appearing.
In the meantime, the fourth chapter of the DQIII event story quest and a new strong enemy monster have already been added!


New story quest chapter 4 added!

ドラゴンクエストIIIイベント 第4章
Dragon Quest III Event - Chapter 4

The fourth chapter of the DQIII event story quest s started on Monday, April 20, 2020!

After defeating the demon king Baramos, the world was at peace.
But the battle was not over. ......


...I mean, what does it mean that I have defeated Baramos? Well, you'll have to play the story quests to find out for yourself!
Along with the start of Chapter 4, a new request has been added to the request board at "Rueda's Tavern". The upper limit of the bonding level with Ruida will also be released, so let's keep on clearing requests!

The event will last until 14:59 on Wednesday, May 27, 2020!

New strong enemy monster "Baramos Bros.

The " Baramos Bros." will be the third powerful monster to appear in the DQIII event!

The powerful monster "Baramos Bros.

The "Baramos Bros." will appear in the field after completing the fourth chapter of the DQIII event's story quests up to episode 5.
You have already defeated "Baramos," but who is "Baramos Bros."? Play the story quest to find out!
You can earn the " Necklace of Gold " accessory and the " Title of Baramos Bros. " for your first defeat level and total defeat points, so keep on trying!

Necklace of gold
Title of Baramos Bros.

New lineup for Rueda's Exchange!

A new lineup has been added to the "Ruida 's Exchange " where you can exchange "Medals of Ariahan" and "DQIII Medals" for luxurious items.
The " DQIII Cassette " and the " Operation Stand B " with the words "Let's go for it!" are two pieces of furniture that I definitely want to have!
Raise your bonding level with Rueda and get gorgeous items!

DQIII cassette, Operation Plan B

The story reaches its climax!

The story of the DQIII event is reaching its climax.
The "Ruida's Quest" tells the story of DQIII that is not mentioned in the story quests, which is a great thing.
Let's see how the story is going to end!
For more information, please check the announcement in the Dragon Quest Walk app and the official Dragon Quest Walk Twitter account!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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It is possible to challenge even if you are at home! Mega monster "Baramos" appeared in Dragon Quest Walk!
It is possible to challenge even if you are at home! Mega monster "Baramos" appe...

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