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"Dragon Quest IV Event" part 1 & Rosalie equipment fukubiki start in Dragon Quest Walk!


The event started earlier than expected!
The middle part of the Dragon Quest IV event and the new equipment giveaway, which we introduced on funglr Games, started today, December 2, at 15:00, instead of the usual Thursday at 15:00!
The new equipment lottery was actually the " Rosalie equipment lottery "!
Here is a summary of this update!


Dragon Quest IV Event" Part 2 has started!

Dragon Quest IV Event" Part 2

The middle part of the "Dragon Quest IV Event" has started, and the second chapter of the event quest has been added.
The second chapter adds two new adventurers: Ryan, a royal warrior from Batland, and Alina, a tomboy princess from the Kingdom of Santheim.
Alina will appear in the field after clearing Episode 2 of Chapter 2, and Ryan will appear in the field after clearing Episode 3 of Chapter 2 on any difficulty level.

Ryan will be active against the new "Andreal" monster and Arena will be active against the "Hellbutler" monster that will appear in the second half of the event, so be sure to increase your bond level to get the upper hand in the battle!
Ryan will receive the "Book of Sword Secrets" and Alina will receive the "Martial Arts Tournament Ticket" as gifts to effectively increase their bond level.

Also, with this update, adventurers you have as helpers are now easier to meet in Feels, and their gifts are also easier to obtain.
If you have an adventurer as a helper, they will participate in combat and their bond will increase in trace amounts, so you can set the adventurer you want to level up as a helper and focus on raising their bond level!

The middle part of the event will run from Monday, December 2, 2019 to Thursday, December 26, 2019 at 14:59, so get out there and complete the event quests and defeat the powerful monsters!

New Strong Enemy Monster "Andreal

The new "Andreal" monster

Following "Giga Demon", " Andreal " has appeared as the second strong enemy monster!
Andreal" will appear in the field after clearing the 4th episode of chapter 2 of the event story.
Ryan will play an active role in the battle against "Andreal," so raise his bond level to defeat him as much as possible!
The period of appearance will be from Monday, December 2, 2019 to Thursday, December 26, 2019 at 14:59.

"Despizarro" will appear as a Mega Monster!

Mega Monster "Despizarro

Despizarro ", the last boss of Dragon Quest IV and the one who bears a sad fate, will appear as a 3★Mega Monster!
Despizarro" will appear in the field after clearing the 6th episode of Chapter 2 of the event story.

All players who defeat Despizarro will have the chance to obtain the ★3 accessory " Choker of the Demon Realm " at a low rate, so let's join forces with other heroes from all over the country to defeat this monster!
Once again, the higher your ranking when defeating the choker, the higher the chance of obtaining it!
The period of the event is from December 2, 2019 (Monday) to December 26, 2019 (Thursday) at 14:59.

New Event Missions & Logobo (middle part) added!

Event Mission

Event missions (middle part) and log-in bonuses (middle part) have started along with the start of the middle part of the "Dragon Quest IV Event.
Complete the event missions to get gifts and items, and log in every day to get logobon!
The first day's logbo is 500 gems, so log in now!
Both event missions and logobos will be available from Monday, December 2, 2019 to Friday, December 13, 2019 at 14:59.

New Rosalie Equipment Fablications" start!

Rosalie Equipment Fortunes

The new "Rosalie Equipment Fuction " has started even though the current "Sky Equipment Fuction" has just started!
The sky equipment has been bombed out.... I'm running out of Gems!
The best spell of the Baggy attribute, " Baggy Cross ", and "Rosalie 's Lasso " which heals everyone's HP a little and sometimes restores illusion , are suitable for monks!

Rosalie's staff
Rosalie's hair ornament
Rosalie's robe
Rosalie's robe

The usual, the bombing(?) Collection

I was going to pull the "Rosalie's equipment fukubiki" again with the brave men of the funglr Games editorial department, but LAN Cable Man had used up all the jams he had on hand with the sky equipment, so it was just the author and the charity type for the 10-round lottery.

Author: Band-man's result

Author: band member results

Although he did not get the pickup Rosalie equipment, he did get an unobtainable ★5 Rune Buckler.
The result was not very interesting...

The result of the charity type that showed off its financial power

Charity-type results showing financial strength.

Knowing the subtle result of the author, Charity Type, who like LAN Cable Man used up all his Gems on Celestial Equipment, showed the difference in financial power and charged!
★5 Crystal Claw was produced, but it was the second one. After all, when you use charlies, the results are not so subtle even if you pay the bills.

12/3 Postscript: LAN cable man's results

LAN Cable Man, who cleared the event story of the middle part of the "Dragon Quest IV Event" as fast as he could and accumulated Gems, said he was going to draw the "Rosalie Equipment Fukubiki", so I was watching him while praying for a bomb...


Rosalie' s staff! It really appears! The pickup equipment was not an urban legend!
I'm worried that misfortune will befall the LAN cable man who has run out of luck.

The story reaches a climax with the appearance of Despizarro at last...

With a new storyline, new adventurers, new powerful enemies, mega monsters, etc., it looks like we'll have even more time to walk around with many updates this time around.
With the arrival of Despizarro and Rosalie, we will also be able to feel the deeper story of Dragon Quest IV.
I'll be getting off before the nearest station on my way home today too!

For more information, check out the announcement in the Dragon Quest Walk app or on the official Dragon Quest Walk Twitter account!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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"Dragon Quest IV Event" part 1 & Rosalie equipment fukubiki start in Dragon Quest Walk!
"Dragon Quest IV Event" part 1 & Rosalie equipment fukubiki start in Dragon ...

An event has started early more than I thought! Even funglr Games is holding of the introduced "Dragon Quest IV, event" second volume and mounting of