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Giant New Song MV Exclusive Premiere! "Doraemon Channel" Half Anniversary Campaign Held


Fujiko F. Fujio Productions, Inc. has announced that it will hold a "Half Anniversary Campaign" on the official Doraemon app "Doraemon Channel" from June 1 (Wed) 10:00 to June 30 (Thu), 2022. Fujiko F. Fujio Productions Inc.

Free 2-week trial of Almighty Pass! Half Anniversary Campaign!

 ハーフアニバーサリーキャンペーンPR TIMES

This campaign is a thank you for celebrating the half year since the release of the app on December 1, 2021, with 7 special offers!

Up to 35! Daily Stamps Present!

日替わりスタンプ プレゼント Doraemon LINE StampsPR TIMES

Up to 35 stamps that can also be used on LINE will be given away to Almighty Pass members! A different stamp image will be available for download each day. This event will run for 35 consecutive days from May 27 (Fri.) 10:00 to June 30, five days before the start of the "Half Anniversary" campaign!

60 selected manga titles per month, double the number of manga available!

Double the number of cartoons distributed!

The monthly delivery of 30 manga for Almighty Pass members has been doubled to 60 for the month of June, including the 30 manga with the theme "Doraemon's Big Adventure" delivered in the first month of the release and the 30 manga with the theme for June "Gian-sama's Coming! The staff carefully selected the lineup for each theme, and the lineup was also carefully selected by the beggars. The lineup has been carefully selected by the staff according to the themes, so don't miss out!

Linked to the terrestrial anime! Exclusive pre-distribution of Gian's new music video!

ジャイアン新曲MVを独占先行配信 PR TIMES

The anime "Doraemon" to be broadcast on TV Asahi on June 11 (Sat) will be a Gian's Birthday Special! Gian's new song will be performed during the broadcast, and its music video will be distributed in advance from 17:30 on June 4 (Sat.). Check out Gian's song and dance ahead of time and enjoy it with Gian on the TV broadcast!

Subaru Kimura sings "I am Gian! Special Animation Video Distribution

"おれはジャイアンさまだ!"を熱唱 PR TIMES

Mr. Subaru Kimura, who plays the role of Gian in the anime, sings the famous song "I am Mr. Gian! ", a song he said was his "dream"! A special video full of nostalgic images for Almighty Pass members.

Almighty Pass" 2-week free trial campaign

"オールマイティーパス"2週間無料お試しキャンペーン PR TIMES

This campaign has many contents for Almighty Pass members. If you are an iOS or Android user and become an Almighty Pass member for the first time between June 1 (Wed) and June 30 (Thu), you will be able to use the contents for free for two weeks! Why not take this opportunity to become a member?
*If you register between June 18 and June 30, you can use the service for 2 weeks from the date of registration.
After the 2-week free trial period, the monthly subscription fee of 550 yen (including tax) will be automatically activated for the Almighty Pass.

One frame every day "Today's "Nobita's Forecast"".

"今日の“のびた予報”" PR TIMES

Every day, a frame is picked up from among the 60 manga stories distributed in June and delivered to you with a comment. Read the manga to find out which part of the story you are looking for!

Featuring voice actors! Special Talk Videos!

The popular talk videos of popular voice actors, which were held in February 2022, will be specially distributed to Almighty Pass members! In commemoration of the half-anniversary, there will be plenty to see, including an introduction to the contents of the campaign.

Although there is a lot of content for Almighty Pass members, there is also a 2-week free trial campaign for Almighty Pass members, so let's enjoy this "Doraemon Channel" half-anniversary campaign to the fullest!

For more information on the "Doraemon Channel", please visit the official website.


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