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"Intercultural exchange meeting in alien werewolf" by professional gamer Dogura and Jinguji Channel will be held on July 9!


A "Mong Us" exchange event " Intercultural Exchange Meeting in Space Warriors " with professional gamer Dogura and popular streamer Jinguji-Channel has been announced.

A dream collaboration between the gaming and AmongUs worlds has begun!

Guests from various genres will appear at each event, and it will be called "Space Werewolf for Everyone".
Some big-name guests will also participate, and the " deception that transcends the boundaries of genres will begin now...! ".

Mr. Dogura is a member of CYCLOPS athlete gaming and mainly plays fighting games, but he also delivers other types of games.
This time, Dogura is the organizer of the gaming side of the event.

Jinguji-channeru is a video game creator who belongs to the Gadget Communication Creator Network.
He and Dogura will be hosting this project on a regular basis.

Outline of the distribution

Date and time of the first event Friday, July 9, 2021 from 22:00
Distributor CAG_Dogura@Dogura (ID :10623172)
Jinguji-chan (ID :10189812)
Guest for the first session Shinnosuke Tachibana (@REAL_1978_TS)
Kana Ueda (@uedakana )
Mika Kikuchi (@kikuchi_mika )
Tomoki Ono (@onoyuki19840622)
Tokido(@tokidoki77 )
Earl (@papatiwawa )
Meat Takeshi (@ryukawamura)
Travo (@trassssshbox )
Notes This campaign is provided by Mildom.
Apple Inc. has nothing to do with this event.


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