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"DOAXVV" holds "Valentine's Day Corde Gacha"! Cafe-style swimsuit "Suite Chocolatier" appeared!


DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation" (DOAXVV) of the Dead or Alive series started today, February 13th, with the "Valentine's Day Codes Gacha. Valentine's Day Codes Gacha" started today, February 13.

The "Valentine's Day Codes Gacha" features a new café-style swimsuit, "Sweet Chocolatier".

The SSR swimsuits appearing in the Valentine's Day Codes Gacha (1) are "Marie", "Tamaki", "Monica", "Honoka", "Nyotengu", "Kanna", "Hitomi" & "Hitomi". quot;Only "Leifang" and "Elena" are available.
SSR swimsuits appearing in Valentine's Day Codes Gacha (2) are "Marie", "Tamaki", "Monica", "Honoka", "Onna Tengu", "Kanna", "Hitomi" & "Hitomi". quot;Only "Leifang" and "Elena" will be available.

Bromides to be opened

The "Valentine's Day Codes Gacha" will be open until 03:59 on February 27th (Thursday).
The following promo items will be available.

At the same time, a new event "With Love, Venus Valentine (1st half)" has also started.

For more details, check the official DOAXVV website.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

When it gets wet in water, a swimsuit ...? "DOAXVV" holds "Jewel Corde" "Jewel Amethyst" to commemorate "Fiona" birthday!
When it gets wet in water, a swimsuit ...? "DOAXVV" holds "Jewel Corde"...

"DOAXVV" facts of a dead or series alive "DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation (dead Or Alive Extreme Venus Vacation)" began to hold JUE

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