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Secret class? DoaxvVV's new coordinates, watermark unlimited shirt "Secret Class" appeared!


DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation" (DOAXVV), part of the Dead or Alive series, is now available in a new trendy code called "Secret Class (Momiji, Monica, Tamaki, Kasumi). Secret Class (Momiji, Monica, Tamaki, Kasumi)" is now available.

"Private Lesson - I Can't Sleep Tonight!

In the "Private Lesson - I Can't Sleep Tonight" event, you can exchange "Gold Teacher Coins" obtained from the event festival for "Kokoro no Key" and "Nakayoshi Basket" to raise the girls' friendship level. The event is to raise the friendship level of the girls.

The owner, who is trying to pass a certification exam, asks "Monica", "Tamaki", "Momiji", and "Kasumi" to play the role of "teachers" to keep him from falling asleep while studying. The four teachers try to help the owner with his studies, but...


For more information on the event festival, please visit the official DOAXVV website.

Promide to be opened

The "Secret Class" Trend Coordinate Gacha will be open until January 29th (Wed.) at 3:59pm.
The following promo items will be available.



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A secret to the heart of your chest? DOAXVV new coordinates, "Erian Heart" that emits a mysterious light appeared
A secret to the heart of your chest? DOAXVV new coordinates, "Erian Heart" that ...

TORENDOKODE where a "DOAXVV" fact of a dead or series alive "DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation (dead Or Alive Extreme Venus Vacation)"

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