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March 24th is "Honoka's Birthday"! "DOAXVV" holds a faint birthday gacha "Jewel Aquamarine"!


DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation (DOAXVV), part of the Dead or Alive series, is holding a birthday gacha for the popular character Honoka, whose birthday is on March 24. The birthday gacha for Honoka, a popular character with a birthday on March 24, is now open.

Promide to be opened

The "Honoka Birthday Gacha" features a "Jewel Aquamarine" swimsuit with the image of a birthstone.
The Honoka Birthday Gacha will be open for one week, until Monday, March 30.

The following promo items will be available

ほのか ジュエル・アクアマリンDOAXVV

Get "Fairy Veil" by awakening skills to the maximum and winning the festival!

ほのか ジュエル・アクアマリンDOAXVV

In addition, you can get "Fairy Veil," a special veiled hairstyle exclusively for Honoka, as an owner mission reward by awakening your skills to the maximum level, setting it on your Fes Codes, and winning one of the Fes.

There are many more birthday events to come! For more information, check out the official DOAXVV website!


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