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"Discord" revamped the logo to commemorate its 6th anniversary! The design of the Clyde of the mascot icon has also changed!


Discord, the gaming-focused chat communication tool, has announced that it will celebrate its 6th anniversary with a new logo on Thursday, May 13, 2021.


The mascot icon, Clyde, has also been updated.


One of the major changes is the mascot icon " Clyde " that appears in the logo.
Originally, Clyde's icon was in a rounded rectangular "speech bubble. This was called Clyde's "house," but the " house" was horizontally asymmetrical and became a "nuisance" when considering interface elements, artwork, and merchandising. Therefore, they decided to eliminate the "house "" in this renewal.
It took a long time to land on the right place.


The " antenna " at the top after Clyde has also been changed. It used to be a sharp little antenna, but when printed on various types of materials or displayed on very small screens, it did not translate well, so they have reshaped it to make it easier to display.

The logo font has also been changed.

Discord 新ロゴ
New Discord Logo

Along with the new "Clyde" mascot icon, the font of the company name has also been changed.
The distinctive font has been replaced with a custom font based on "Ginto.
The font was created based on "Ginto," and it took several hundred fonts to arrive at this new font.

Redesigned image color blue-purple

Color Renewal

The color of the font has also been redesigned.
The image color, blue-purple, has been changed from a "bright pastel" to a " slightly deeper" hue.
The original color has been made more vibrant by adding red to the original color.

This color change is not only in the logo, but also in the entire Discord.

Color Renewal

The company has heard from more than 26,000 Discord users and has taken their feedback into consideration when deciding on the direction to take.

New tagline "IMAGINE A PLACE


Discord also announced a new tagline, " IMAGINE A PLACE.
The slogan "IMAGINE A PLACE" embodies the fact that Discord means many different things to many different people around the world.
The company also announced that it has many plans for the future.
Discord recently announced a partnership with SIE, so stay tuned for more information on Discord's future plans.
For more information, please visit Discord Support andDiscord Blog.


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