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SHAKA appointed as general manager of pro gaming team DETONATOR! ? New services on the theme of games and education, games and advertisements will also be developed!


Spring! Cherry blossoms! New life!
With the arrival of April 1, many of you may be entering a new school, moving on to a new grade, joining a new company, or getting a promotion.
And April 1st is April Fool's Day.
Various companies, especially in the entertainment industry, are announcing new information (lies), making it a day when we need to be skeptical of information.
Then GamingD Inc. made a surprise announcement!
The company announced that " SHAKA," a streamer active on the game distribution site Twitch, will become the general manager of DETONATOR, a professional gaming team with popular pro-gamers and streamers!

Mr. SHAKA has been appointed as the General Manager of DETONATOR!

Total number of visitors to game distribution exceeds 220 million in 2020.

GamingD Inc. announced the appointment of Mr. SHAKA (@avashaka) as General Manager of DETONATOR, effective Thursday, April 1, 2021.
By 2020, the total number of visitors to DETONATOR-branded game distribution will exceed 220 million, and the company plans to further strengthen its live distribution business by planning streamers, discovering and training newcomers, and managing VTubers.
In line with such future business expansion, this appointment was made with the aim of reforming the organization to better reflect the opinions of SHAKA, who is active on the front lines as a streamer, and others on the frontlines.

Mr. Shaka's comments on the appointment will be broadcasted on Twitch.

New Business Development Also Announced

Recently, game distribution and becoming a streamer has become one of the goals for game players, including monetization.
However, GamingD Inc. has been looking beyond that and has been preparing for the two major themes of " games and education " and " games and advertising " since 2020.
In 2021, these new businesses will be developed in collaboration with various partners.

Games and Education

Service based on the theme of "games and education

A coaching service utilizing Ai video analysis ( *Patent No. 6843410)" is scheduled for release as a service that addresses the themes of gaming and education.

This service is equipped with a function that analyzes gameplay videos uploaded by ordinary players and displays advice by having AI learn from the knowledge gained from managing gaming teams and coaching players.
In recent years, game coaching services have continued to expand, but there is a limit to the number of services that a single coach can provide.
Therefore, we expect to see examples of introducing AI as an auxiliary tool to organize information necessary for coaches, such as simple scoring of players, by entrusting AI with basic analysis.

Ultimately, the company is considering making the service available to all those who want to do business in the game and education market, including school corporations offering game faculties, as well as the C2C market, mainly individuals.
The service is also currently accepting beta participants.

Games and Advertising

Service based on the theme of "Games and Advertisements

With the theme of "Games and Advertising," the company plans to release a service that automatically extracts ( *patent pending) only the content that game distributors and influencers have actually contributed to the PR of the sponsoring company by using Ai.

In conventional influencer marketing, advertising value is determined based on numbers such as the number of followers or the number of video views.
However, the streamers, including those affiliated with GamingD, Inc., are keenly aware of the difficulty of communicating what they have actually done for the sponsor companies.
To solve such problems, this service uses AI to check live streaming and videos 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and automatically extracts content that is connected to corporate PR.
In 2021, the service will be offered to the market as a service to measure the cost-effectiveness of live performances and videos not only in the world of games, but also in sports, music, and other general entertainment with business partner NTTe-Sports Corporation.

DETONATOR's game distribution business has experienced significant growth, perhaps due in part to the 2020 stay-home period.
GamingD Inc. will continue to create new value without stopping there, so keep an eye on the future.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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