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Actor Nicolas Cage joins "Dead by Daylight" as himself! Teaser Trailer Released!

「Dead by Daylight」にハリウッド俳優ニコラス・ケイジ氏が本人役で参戦!ティザートレーラー公開!

Nicolas Cage will collaborate with Canadian-based Behaviour Interactive Inc. on Thursday, May 18, 2023, on the asymmetrical survival horror game "Dead by Daylight " (DbD). The collaboration between the legendary Hollywood actor and Nicolas Cage was announced on Thursday, May 18, 2023. The legendary Hollywood actor will appear in the world of DbD!

「Dead by Daylight」で新アーカイブ「学術書 15:上昇」が4月20日配信!新コレクションも登場

Nicolas Cage Comes to DbD! Trailer - Released!

DbD and Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage will collaborate. A teaser trailer has also been released. Nicolas Cage is not only an actor, but also a director and producer, having appeared in films such as "Ghost Rider" and "National Treasure. Nicolas Cage, who has appeared in more than 100 films worldwide and has been at the forefront of entertainment for over 40 years, steps into the foggy forests of DbD.

In the trailer released to the public, a room that appeared to be a film studio was shown to have been ransacked, but did a killer appear in the film studio? As for the scene in which the killer appears, Nicolas Cage himself appears as the killer. We are looking forward to seeing how he will confront the killer based on his experience in many roles he has played.

Further information on the collaboration between Nicolas Cage and DbD is scheduled to be announced on Thursday, July 6, 2023. Follow the official DbD Twitter (@DeadbyBHVR_JP ) to get the latest information! Also, please check the official website for more information about DbD.


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34201「Dead by Daylight」にハリウッド俳優ニコラス・ケイジ氏が本人役で参戦!ティザートレーラー公開!
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