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Dead by Daylight's first medieval-set chapter, Forged in Fog, is coming November 23!

「Dead by Daylight」初の中世を舞台にしたチャプター「Forged in Fog」が11月23日より登場!

Dead by Daylight " (DbD), the asymmetrical combat horror-survival game popular both at home and abroad, in collaboration with "Resident Evil", will release its first medieval-set chapter, "Forged in Fog", on Wednesday, November 23, 2022, at 1:00 a.m.! " Forged in Fog" will be released on Wednesday, November 23, 2022 at 1am! The Knight, a brutal killer who brings new strategic gameplay to the foggy forest, and Vittorio T oscano, an enigmatic survivor who travels through various dimensions, will be introduced in this new chapter. The new "Vittorio Toscano" is a mysterious survivor who travels through various dimensions. A new map, " The Shattered Square," set in a medieval village that has been looted and burned to the ground, will also be available. In this issue, we will introduce a new medieval horror-themed chapter, "Forged in Fog.

A new worldview based on the theme of "medieval horror

New map "The Shattered Square

新マップ"The Shattered Square(瓦礫と化した広場)"

The new map "The Shattered Square " included in the chapter "Forged in Fog" is a map with a detailed medieval atmosphere, which is the theme of the game. The Shattered Square" is a map that expresses the medieval atmosphere of the theme in great detail.

新マップ"The Shattered Square(瓦礫と化した広場)"

The map is littered with crumbling structures and ruined buildings that seem to tell a horrific piece of history. Familiar DbD elements, such as palettes and destructible walls, have been redesigned to fit the medieval theme, and the escape gates are made of wrought iron, reminiscent of this era.

New Killer "The Knight

新キラー"The Knight(ナイト)"

The Knight" is a brutal and calculating warrior, clad in blood-soaked armor and wielding a large sword.

新キラー"The Knight(ナイト)"

The Knight is one of the tallest killers in DbD, and his ability to summon guards, the "Graldia Compa NieR," is one of the most strategic. The Knight can summon three types of AI-controlled guards - "enforcers," "assassins," and "guards" - to patrol the map and execute orders. Each of the three guards has its own unique abilities, and the survivor must deal with the various dangers that the knight can unleash.

New Survivor "Vittorio Toscano".

新サバイバー"Vittorio Toscano(ビットリオ・トスカーノ)"

Vittorio Toscano, a new survivor who investigates ancient secrets and mysteries to bring peace and order, is a pacifist in contrast to Knight, who appears as a killer.

新サバイバー"Vittorio Toscano(ビットリオ・トスカーノ)"

Vittorio is drawn into the realm of entities after Knight's betrayal and torture. After years of exploration in the fog, he has grown into a fearless and exemplary leader, and it is expected that the unique parks may be derived from them.

New on Wednesday, November 23, 2022 at 1:00 a.m.!


The new Killer and Survivor Coordinates will be released at the same time as the new chapter begins. The coordinators to be released are Vittorio Toscano's Very Rare Coordinates "Inexplicable Ink," featuring a mysterious tattoo on his body with a mysterious glow, unique leather pants and an ancient amulet, and Knight's Ultra Rare Coordinates "Ultra Rare Coordinates " featuring a mysterious ancient armor with vivid eerie rune letters. Knight's Ultra Rare coordinate, "Cursed Plating," features eerie runes painted on a mysterious piece of ancient armor. The new coordinates will be available for the first time in the medieval setting of the new chapter "Forged in Fog".

The new chapter will be available for purchase on Steam, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series XIS, Epic Games Store, Windows Store and Nintendo Switch on Wednesday, November 23, 2022 at 1am. If you have been waiting for a medieval setting, this is the perfect opportunity to play it.


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34201「Dead by Daylight」初の中世を舞台にしたチャプター「Forged in Fog」が11月23日より登場!
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Dead by Daylight Mobile and The Ring are collaborating! Sadako will surely come...!...

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