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The 6th Anniversary of "Dead by Daylight"! Collaboration Bar or Pop-up Store! Animate Only Store is held for loft tour! Lots of DbD goods!

「Dead by Daylight」の6周年記念!コラボバーやポップアップストア!ロフトツアーにアニメイトオンリーストアが開催!DbDグッズが盛りだくさん!

The asymmetrical horror survival game " Dead by Daylight " will celebrate its 6th anniversary in June 2022.
To celebrate, Bushiroad Creative Inc.
In addition to a collaboration bar and pop-up store at Mixalive TOKYO and a " Loft Tour " at four locations across Japan, Bushiroad Creative, Inc. announced an " Only Shop" at the Animate Akihabara flagship store.

「Dead by Daylight」が発売6周年!新チャプターや「バイオハザード」「進撃の巨人」コラボなど情報満載!さらにDbDの恋愛ゲームもこの夏登場!

DbD Bar and Pop-up Store at LIVE Entertainment Building!

Dead by Daylight 6th Anniversary × Mixalive TOKYOPR TIMES

A "Dead by Daylight" pop-up store and a collaboration bar inspired by the " Dead Dog Bar " in the "Tomb of Glenvale" map in the game will open at the " Mixalive TOKYO " LIVE Entertainment Building in Ikebukuro, Tokyo in 2022. The collaboration bar will be open from Friday, June 24 to Sunday, July 31, 2022.

A bar in the image of "Dead Dog's Bar"!

Postcard (with AR photo frame) (12 types)
Live Cafe Mixa公式ページ

The collaboration drink menu includes "Character Cocktails" (12 kinds in total)!
Alcoholic cocktails are 990 yen (tax included) and non-alcoholic cocktails are 880 yen (tax included).
The "Character Cocktail" comes with a "postcard (AR photo frame )" as a bonus, and by scanning the 2D code on the postcard, you can take a picture with the characters from June 24, 2022 to July 31, 2022!
This is a rare chance to take a picture with the unique characters of Dead by Daylight.
Please note that the Character Cocktail menu differs for the first and second periods!

Character Cocktails [First Semester: Friday, June 24 - Tuesday, July 12

Live Cafe Mixa公式ページ

  • Character Cocktail "Néa Carlsson
  • Character cocktail "Zarina Cassill
  • Character cocktail "Nurse
  • Character cocktail "Spirit
  • Character cocktail "Region
  • Character cocktail "Trickster

Character Cocktail [Late: Wednesday, July 13 - Sunday, July 31

Live Cafe Mixa公式ページ

  • Character cocktail "Dwight Fairfield
  • Character cocktail: "Feng Ming
  • Character cocktail: "Kate Denson
  • Character cocktail "Wraith
  • Character cocktail "Huntress
  • Character Cocktail: "Death Slinger"

"Dead by Daylight" beer mug

"Dead by Daylight"ジョッキビールLive Cafe Mixa公式ページ

During the event, a mug of beer with the DbD logo will be offered for 990 yen (tax included)!
A special "Park Coaster" (20 kinds in total) will be given at random with each beer and food!
In addition to the Dead by Daylight collaboration menu, the regular menu is also available, so if you are interested in other food items, please check the official Live Cafe Mixa page.

Park coaster (total 20 kinds)
Live Cafe Mixa公式ページ

DbD Pop-up Store

Privileges for purchasing goods

ポストカード(ARフォトフレーム) (全8種)
Postcard (AR Photo Frame) (Total 8 kinds)

At the pop-up store in Mixalive TOKYO, T-shirts, jackets, caps with the DbD logo, and more will be available for purchase!
Beer mugs with the DbD logo will also be available here!
In addition, purchases of 3,300 yen (including tax) or more per account will receive a random postcard (AR photo frame) (8 kinds in total ) as a present!

Goods for sale (some of them)

  • Wappen Totem Pocket T-shirt (Size: M/L/XL) 3,850 yen each (tax included)
  • Hare Jacket Logo Ver. 8,800 yen (including tax)
  • Logo cap 4,180 yen (w/tax)
  • Mini Towel (Logo/Spring Ensemble) 1,650 yen each (tax included)

Please check Bushiroad Creative's official page if you are interested in more products than those listed above.

TheEntityshop ver.2.0.0" will be held at 4 lofts nationwide!

TheEntityshop ver.2.0.0PR TIMES
  • Umeda Loft: June 15 (Wed) - July 10 (Sun), 2022
  • LOFT Nagoya: August 17 (Wed) - September 5 (Mon), 2022
  • Ginza Loft: July 2, 2022 (Sat) - July 31, 2022 (Sun)
  • Tenjin Loft: September 2 (Fri) - October 2 (Sun), 2022

TheEntityshop ver.2.0.0 " will be held at the lofts listed above.
Please note that the period of each event is different.
Here you will find "Trickster" bath towels, "Trading Pins" Killer ver. and more!

Goods for sale (some of them)


  • Art bath towel 002 "Trickster" 4,400 yen (tax included)
  • Trading Pins Killer ver. 880 yen (tax included)

Two kinds of purchase privilege!


DbD Fans" at LOFT Nagoya and Ginza LOFT, and " Stickers " at Umeda LOFT and Tenjin LOFT will be given away for purchases of 3,300 yen (including tax) or more per account!
Please check Bushiroad Creative's official page for a list of other products.

DbD" Only Shop at Animate Akihabara Main Store!

DbD x Animate

Dead by Daylight 6th Anniversary animate ONLY SHOP" will be held at animate Akihabara main store from June 23 (Thu) to July 18 (Mon), 2022!
In addition to selling DbD-related goods, standees, stage-style wallpaper, and generator panels will be on display.
Some animate stores will also be supporting the event, distributing the same bonus stickers (36 kinds in total) as the Akihabara main store, and selling new products such as motel key chains and smart phone rings.

A sticker for every 1,100 yen including tax!

Sticker (36 kinds)

For every 1,100 yen spent on DbD-related goods at the Animate Akihabara main store and support stores, a sticker printed with killers and survivors (36 kinds in total) will be given away at random!
Be sure to guess the character you want!

Goods for sale (some of them)


  • Motel keychain logo 1,210 yen (tax included)
  • Smartphone ring (die-cut logo / spring ensemble / ShiningLION) 1,430 yen (tax included)

List of Supporting Stores

  • Animate Ikebukuro Main Store
  • Animate Sendai
  • animate sapporo
  • Animate Nagoya
  • Animate Niigata
  • Animate Sannomiya
  • Animate Kyoto
  • Animate Fukuoka Parco
  • Animate Hiroshima
  • Animate Osaka Nihonbashi
  • animate yokohama bible

These are the stores supporting the "Dead by Daylight 6th Anniversary animate ONLY SHOP"!
Please go to your nearest animate store that supports the collaboration!
If you can go to Akihabara, please visit the display!
If you are interested in the list of products, please check the official Animate page.


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97950「Dead by Daylight」の6周年記念!コラボバーやポップアップストア!ロフトツアーにアニメイトオンリーストアが開催!DbDグッズが盛りだくさん!
Includes 13 chapters full of fear! The most fearful value pack "Dead by Daylight Ultimate Edition Official Japanese Version" is now released!

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