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Dead by Daylight Mobile and The Ring are collaborating! Sadako will surely come...!

Dead by Daylight Mobileとリングのコラボが決定!貞子がきっと来る・・・!

NetEase Games and Behaviour Interactive Inc. have announced the release of "Dead by Daylight Mobile ", a smartphone title of the asymmetrical survival horror game "Dead by Daylight". Dead by Daylight Mobile" (hereinafter "DbD Mobile")
DbD Mobile, which will be released in April 2022 and currently has over 25 million players worldwide, has announced a collaboration with the Japanese horror movie classic "The Ring "!

あの非対称対戦サバイバルホラーゲームがモバイルに!「Dead by daylight Mobile - NetEase」の先行体験プレイヤーを募集中!

DbD Mobile and The Ring are collaborating! Sadako will surely come...!

DbD Mobile and The Ring are collaborating!
Sadako, the grudge spirit from the Japanese horror novel "The Ring", will appear in the world of DbD Mobile.
The original "Ring" was made into a live-action movie and released in 1998, and many people were astonished to see Sadako crawling out of the TV screen.
To commemorate this collaboration, a collaborative PV has been released.
Sadako" appears from the familiar well and crawls out of the TV screen, but more horror is expected to befall DbD Mobile survivors!

きっと来る・・・きっと来る・・・!「Dead by Daylight」チャプター23「貞子ライジング」の配信日が決定!

Sadako and Yoichi Asakawa will also appear!

貞子:永眠の花PR TIMES

The abilities of Sadako, who appears in DbD Mobile as a killer, have also been revealed.
Sadako can move in stealth and can instantly approach a survivor's location.
Sadako can also teleport to various TVs on the map to hunt down survivors.
When playing the game, it is advisable to know the location of the TVs in advance so as not to get too close to them.
On the survivor's side, Yoichi Asakawa, a marine biologist from the "Ring" series, makes an appearance.
Yoichi Asakawa has a special perk that supports injured allies, interferes with killers, and increases movement speed.
Yoichi Asakawa's perk is crucial to his escape from Sadako!

To commemorate the Ring collaboration, skins for "Sadako: Flower of Eternal Sleep" and "Yoichi Asakawa: Supernatural Case Investigator" are also available.
Sadako: The Flower of Eternal Sleep" will feature a different Memento Mori effect than the regular Sadako, so be sure to check it out for yourself!

Spread the word about the cursed video and earn rewards!

Spreading the cursed video to others is one of the most effective ways to save yourself from Sadako's curse, and in this collaboration, you can get in-game items by spreading the cursed video!
By spreading the cursed video, you will receive Blood Points, a human flesh doll, and a reward from Sadako, including the [Icon] Sadako!
At the time of writing, the event has reached approximately 700,000 diffusions, but 1,000,000 diffusions will earn you the [Icon] Sadako, so let's aim for a large number of diffusions to break the curse!
The videotape diffusion event will last from Friday, October 21, 2022 to Wednesday, November 9, 2022.
For more details, please check the event page.

The DbD Mobile and Ring collaboration starts on Thursday, October 27!

コラボ限定アイテムPR TIMES

The DbD Mobile and Ring collaboration will run from Thursday, October 27, 2022 through Wednesday, November 9, 2022!
There will be limited items such as Sadako icons and Sadako collaboration jackets available by completing tasks during the collaboration period, so be sure to play the collaboration event and get these exclusive items!
For more information on the collaboration between DbD Mobile and the ring, please visit the "Sadako Rising" special site or the official DbD Mobile website.


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