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"Days of Play" is here again this year! Sale starts at PS Store and PlayStation dealers!

今年も「Days of Play」がやってきた!PS StoreやPlayStation取扱店でセールがスタート!

Days of Play, an annual PlayStation festival
Every year around this time, thanks to the concentrated game playing during the Golden Week holidays, we finish the games we were playing and are not sure which game to play next, right?
This is the perfect time for "Days of Play," when popular PlayStation titles and devices can be purchased at discount prices, and PlayStation events are held.
Days of Play " starts again in 2022 on Wednesday, May 25, with sales starting at the PlayStation Store and PlayStation retailers!

Up to 80% off at PS Store!

The highlight of "Days of Play" is the PlayStation Store sale, where you can save on downloadable versions of popular titles.
Once again, more than 700 game titles and DLCs are on sale, with discounts of up to 80% off!
Among the gorgeous lineup, the most noteworthy is PS5's " Ghostwire: Tokyo," which was just released on Friday, March 25, 2022, and is already on sale!
And with a huge discount of 50% off, now is the perfect time to play it!
The regular edition of " Ghostwire: Tokyo" is now on sale for 50% off, from 8,778 yen (including tax) to 4,389 yen (including tax)!
The Deluxe Edition, which includes the DLC, is also on sale for 50% off, from 10,978 yen (including tax) to 5,489 yen (including tax)!

Ghostwire: Tokyo
TokyoPlayStation Store

There are also other new releases and blockbuster titles that are on sale for much cheaper, so be sure to check out the PlayStation Store to see what's on sale!
The Days of Play sale on PlayStation Store ends on Wednesday, June 8, 2022!

And you'll also find great deals on PS VR and peripherals!

Not only the PlayStation Store, but also PlayStation retailers have started a sale in conjunction with Days of Play!
The sale includes the " DualSense Wireless Controller" in various colors, the " PULSE 3D Wireless Headset" to experience the powerful 3D sound, the " DualSense Charging Stand " which is very convenient to have, and the packaged versions of PS4 and PS5. The DualSense Wireless Headset is a great way to experience the powerful 3D sound of the PS4.
In particular, the "DualSense Wireless Controller" in "Cosmic Red", "Galactic Purple", "Starlight Blue", and "Nova Pink" are available at the same price as "White" and "Midnight Black". Don't miss out!

DualSense ワイヤレスコントローラー
DualSense Wireless Controller Play
Station .Blog

And the highlight of this year's offer is the "PlayStation VR Special Offer"!
The PlayStation VR Special Offer includes the PlayStation VR , PlayStation Camera, and PlayStation VR WORLDS, a VR-exclusive title for only 27,478 yen (tax included).
This is the perfect set to get you started with PlayStation VR, but quantities are limited.
If you are considering purchasing the set, check it out now!

PlayStation VR Special Offer
PlayStation VR Special

The main retailers that will be carrying the "Days of Play" sale are

  • Amazon.co.jp
  • EDION game stores and EDION net store
  • Ojamakan stores
  • Oho Soko stores
  • GEO stores and GEO Online Store
  • Game Ark stores
  • Game TSUTAYA stores
  • Joshin game stores and Joshin web store
  • Nojima game stores and Nojima Online
  • Hikari TV Shopping
  • Bic Camera game stores and Bic Camera.com
  • Used Book Market and Furuichi stores
  • Mediapolis stores
  • Yamada Holdings game stores
  • Yodobashi Camera stores and Yodobashi.com
  • Rakuten Books, Inc.
  • WonderGOO stores

etc., but since the contents handled differ from store to store, please check each store's Web site or actual store.
Please check the "Days of Play" special page for details!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

Annual festival sale! "Days of Play" sale starts in PS Store!
Annual festival sale! "Days of Play" sale starts in PS Store!...

"I'll go to look for a possibility of the play which spreads infinitely." festival of PlayStation which has started at Tuesday, May 18, 2021 in a conc

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