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Celebrated Danganronpa 10th Anniversary! Collaboration with "IdentityV Fifth Personality" will be held!

祝ダンガンロンパ10周年!「IdentityV 第五人格」とのコラボが開催決定!

Spike Chunsoft's classic adventure game " Danganronpa " series.
This year marks the 10th anniversary since the first game, "Danganronpa: School of Hope and High School of Despair" was released on the PSP in 2010! Congratulations!

I am a fan of the series and have played all the games in real time and watched all the anime episodes, but I would like to recommend it to you without knowing what the story is about, but I can't explain it! Please play it!
Danganronpa" is celebrating its 10th anniversary, and the 10th anniversary project is now underway, with the announcement of a collaboration with " IdentityV: The Fifth Personality"!

Collaboration with "IdentityV: The Fifth Personality"!

One of the Danganronpa 10th anniversary projects will be a collaboration between the popular " IdentityV 5th Personality" and "Danganronpa".

"IdentityV 第五人格"×"ダンガンロンパ"コラボ予告
"IdentityV 5th Personality" x "Danganronpa" Collaboration Trailer
"IdentityV 第五人格"公式Twitter

IdentityV 5th Person ality" is an asymmetrical multiplayer game in which up to four " Survivors " and one " Hunter " are divided, with the Survivor using their abilities to escape and the Hunter using their abilities to prevent the Survivor's escape. The survivors use their abilities to escape and the hunters use their abilities to prevent the survivors from escaping.
The game is popular not only for its characters, but also for its collaborations with other games such as "Persona 5" and its pop-inspired characters compared to other asymmetrical multiplayer games.

Download the game from the App Store for iOS users ,Google Play Store for Android users , andDMM Games for PC users.

The details of the collaboration between "IdentityV: Fifth Personality" and "Danganronpa" have not yet been revealed, but we have a feeling that Monokuma will appear as a hunter.
More details will be announced on the official IdentityV 5th Personality Twitter page, so we'll have to wait for further news!

Don't miss the "Danganronpa" 10th anniversary project!

In addition to the collaboration with "IdentityV: The Fifth Personality," a new "Danganronpa" numbered game will be released for smartphones, official live broadcasts will be held every month starting in May, and there are many other plans for the 10th anniversary year of Danganronpa.
Can we expect a new Danganronpa? Let's wait and see!
For more details and updates on Danganronpa's 10th anniversary, please check the Danganronpa portal site and theofficial Danganronpa Twitter!


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