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PC version of Conaste "DanceDanceRevolution dedicated controller" production project start! We are accepting reservations aiming at commercialization!

PC版コナステ「DanceDanceRevolution 専用コントローラ」制作プロジェクト始動!商品化を目指し予約受付中!

Konami 's music games have taken the world by storm and are still played by many fans today.
DanceDanceRevolution " was one of those games that became a social phenomenon.
In its heyday, there was a waiting list at game arcades to play the game, and when the game was ported to home video game consoles, the home-use console console was so sold out that there were times when it was impossible to get one. When the game was ported to home video game consoles, the home-use console controller was sold out so fast that you couldn't even get it.
DanceDanceRevolution" is now available on the PC version of Conaste, an arcade game that can be played at home ! The second open alpha test is now resuming, and at the same time, we have a great news!
A project to create a "DanceDanceRevolution exclusive controller" has been launched!

An arcade-sized controller for your home!

DanceDanceRevolution 専用コントローラ
DanceDanceRevolution Dedicated Controller
コナミ公式ショッングサイト KONAMI STYLE

The " DanceDanceRevolution Dedicated Controller " that the production project has been guiding will be a dedicated controller that can be used with the PC version of Konaste's "DanceDanceRevolution".
DanceDanceRevolution" is a game that must be played with your feet, so if you want to play "DanceDanceRevolution" on the PC version of Conaste, this is a must have!
The controller has more authentic specifications than the dedicated controllers released in the past, and is equipped with ←↓↑→ 〇 × L R buttons. The arrow buttons and their spacing are roughly based on the arcade controllers!
It is a real pleasure to be able to play the game with the same arcade-like feel.
The size of the main unit is approximately 983mm x 840mm, so it is recommended to secure a space of at least 1m square when using it.
Also, the USB cable that is necessary when connecting to a PC does not seem to be included, so you will need to prepare a USB cable with connector shape A-B.
This is the type of cable used with printers and audio interfaces.
Bluetooth Low Energy is supported, but there seems to be no service available at this time, so we'll have to wait for further information on that!

The "DanceDanceRevolution Dedicated Controller" is available for pre-order for 17,380 yen (tax included). The pre-order period is until September 6, 2021 (Monday )!
Production will be decided when pre-orders reach 1,000 units! If production is decided, the product will be released in the spring of 2022.
A " Controller Purchaser Bonus Music Pack " will be included as a bonus for those who purchase the game, so you can play more songs.
GITADORA" and "pop'n music Lively", which are also available on the PC version of Konaste, are also working on a project to create a dedicated controller with specifications as close to the arcade version as possible, and it has been successfully decided to produce one. We are sure that the "DanceDanceRevolution exclusive controller" will also be a success!
Let's make a pre-order now to achieve the goal of 1,000 units ordered!
For more information on the "DanceDanceRevolution Controller" and pre-orders, please visit KONAMI STYLE on the official KONAMI shopping site!
For more information about the open alpha test currently underway, please visit the " DanceDanceRevolution " page on the PC version of KONAMI STYLE!


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